Monday, July 23, 2012

A.L. FAAB Log: July 23, 2012

Brett Myers $15. Other bids: $9, $4, $3, $3, $1, $1.
The nine-dollar bid was from Addison Reed's owner, so that makes some sense. The $15 bid was from an owner in contention but desperate for saves (he has Casey Janssen and little else). But Myers is fairly likely to be the set-up and not the closer in Chicago. I'd stick to a high single-digits bid here, even if I were desperate for saves. I have a lot of faith in Reed and - even if Reed struggles at some point - Robin Ventura has shown that he's not uncomfortable bucking conventional wisdom and going with the guy he likes.

Jeremy Guthrie $6. Other bid $4.
Guthrie got destroyed in Colorado and the Rockies decided that a change of scenery would be best for all involved. Two non-contenders bid here, with the winner a team that's trying to make innings. That's about right; even with the move out of Colorado, I wouldn't touch Guthrie with a 10-foot pole.

Mark Melancon $2.
Melancon was the Red Sox closer in April for about five seconds after Andrew Bailey went down but imploded over the course of four consecutive outings. Melancon dominated the minors after a mid-April demotion and was promoted in June. He had been doing better of late, but yesterday's dreadful outing pushed his ERA back up. Melancon will probably be a solid middle reliever going forward, but the saves window has most definitely closed in 2012.

Matt Albers $2.
Albers has put up a pretty ERA in middle relief for the Red Sox despite poor peripherals. I wouldn't want Albers in my fantasy bullpen at the moment; it seems like he's a regression outing or two away from a 3.5 ERA.

Brandon Lyon $1
I wrote Brandon Lyon up yesterday when I dissected the Astros/Blue Jays 10-player deal. Lyon has closed in the past but with Janssen going great, Lyon should settle into a middle relief role. He has very little Rotisserie value.

Carlos Peguero $1
So far in his career, Peguero has annihilated Triple-A pitching while being overmatched by big league stuff. Peguero's problematic strikeout rates at AAA have been a non-starter in the Majors. While Peguero does provide the occasional HR, he'll kill your batting average. He needs to show more growth in order to be worth keeping even in A.L.-only.

Tanner Scheppers $1
A few have mentioned Scheppers as a future closer, but with Joe Nathan entrenched in front of him, Scheppers probably won't be closing in Texas for quite some time. He's worth monitoring, but he's a better in stash in keeper leagues with really deep reserves.

Eric Sogard $1
Sogard was called up from the minors to replace the injured Brad Pennington on the A's roster. Sogard didn't do much in his first pass in the Majors, but the A's don't have a lot of organizational depth, so Sogard will get a second chance to show what he has. His AAA numbers were great once again, but at Age 26 you'd expect him to do well in the PCL. Sogard is worth a flier in A.L.-only, but we're getting to that point in the season where contenders usually have traded into far better options by now, except perhaps in leagues with very strict salary caps.

Alberto Gonzalez $1
Gonzalez has done nothing except sit on the Rangers bench and caddy the more expensive/more talented players that the team has. Gonzalez's versatility makes him an asset to the Rangers but not to his fantasy squads.

Maicer Izturis. Claimed by 12th, 8th, 7th, and 5th place teams.
In prior years, Izturis was one of those super-utility types who would put up 300-350 AB and generate sneaky $10-12 value in A.L.-only. This year he has only been good for some stolen bases and little else (he's actually been a drain on batting average). If you really need steals grab him but - like with Sogard - contenders should be doing better than this in late July.

Nick Punto. Claimed by 8th place team.
Punto was never anything that special in the first place and now he's losing time in the Red Sox infield to Pedro Ciriaco. I'd avoid even in deep leagues.

Orlando Hudson. Claimed by 6th place team
The Kevin Youkilis trade has relegated Hudson to the bench. His skills seem quite diminished on the whole, so even if an injury did give Hudson a crack at regular PT he doesn't seem like he'd be up to the task at this point.

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