Monday, July 23, 2012

N.L. FAAB Log: July 23, 2012

Francisco Cordero $26.  Other bids: $20, $10, $9, $6, $5.
Mike wrote about Cordero this weekend.  The big bid is from a team in the playoff race but on the outside looking in right now, and looking to preserve a point while conceivably moving to catch the top three in the category.  In deep leagues, the mid-teens is probably a fair number; I expect Cordero to be on the move, or to step behind Wilton Lopez before the year is out.

Ryan Roberts $13.  Other bids: $1, $1, $0, $0.
Roberts going for more than Wheeler seems a bit odd, though Roberts has more speed and more positional flexibility.  Perhaps Roberts is turning a corner, hitting nearly .500 last week.  Based on his performance this year, however, it is a difficult stretch to make, particularly for this team, which is currently leading the league.

Ryan Wheeler $12.  Other bids: $10, $8, $4.
Wheeler is the other bid free agent in the pool this week.  He is the new third baseman, and, well, can he be worse than the several before him?  Tell me if you have heard this before: “Player X is beating the heck out of the ball in AAA Reno.”  Wheeler was, to the tune of a .351 average with 15 home runs.  He is not a big strikeout guy either, which might lend itself to some success.  Those playing for next year should be placing keeper bids, but any contender with a hole to fill should be bidding as well.  He is going to play for the next couple of weeks in a sink or swim scenario.

Pure excitement for Young here; always a kick in the teeth to know you could have gotten someone at $0.  Young’s early success masks the fact that he is giving up over a hit per inning and is not striking anyone out.  His success certainly will not be long-term, though, in deep NL-only leagues, he is at least in the consideration for being on a roster.

(Note: From here down, all “Other Bids,” if any, were $0).

Effective with a decent strikeout rate…insignificant innings, however, to be of value.

Hot week this week and an acceptable fill-in for a dead spot.

Carols Corporan $0.
Now catching for the Astros, but not worth fantasy consideration while backing up for Chris Snyder.  Unless you like his production this week and think he will not be backing up Snyder...a possibility.

Still starting, and still not producing much other than a terrible average.

He got knocked around in Petco…need I say more?

Still starting, and producing less than Cruz.

Lincoln is an excellent alternative to that ugly starter you are thinking about putting on your roster.

Still starting, and just as bad as Cruz and Janish (notice a trend?).

Wolf is a two start pitcher against the Phillies and Nationals this week.  I would pass.

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