Friday, June 01, 2012

Valuation to Date: A.L. Hitters

Today I conclude my series on valuation to date for Rotisserie League, mono league scoring formats with American League hitters.

Top 10 Hitters
1) Josh Hamilton $56
2) Adam Jones $44
3) Paul Konerko $39
4) Edwin Encarnacion $36
5) Jason Kipnis $34
6) David Ortiz $34
7) Mark Trumbo $33
8) Miguel Cabrera $33
9) Adrian Beltre $31
10) Derek Jeter $30

Hamilton surely can't keep it up, but it's fun to see what a monster season like Hamilton's could be worth if he did. This is a much older group on average than in the National League, though Kipnis keeps the average age down a little bit. This list is dominated by established veterans and much older players like Konerko, Papi, and Jeter; not a good omen if you're the kind of owner who likes to gamble on young talent like Eric Hosmer and Brett Lawrie.

Bottom 10 Hitters (Auction Only)
1) Ryan Raburn ($6)
2) Endy Chavez ($5)
3) Josh Donaldson ($4)
4) Chris Parmelee ($4)
5) Nick Punto ($3)
6) Kosuke Fukudome ($2)
7) Eric Sogard ($2)
8) Don Kelly ($2)
9) Ramon Santiago ($1)
10) Lorenzo Cain ($1)

Raburn and Cain cost some money, but this group is mostly hitters who went super cheap in the expert league auctions. If you play in mixed leagues and are doubting that these players are owned in A.L.-only, I can tell you that every player here is on a roster or reserve list in my A.L.-only with the exception of Fukudome.

Top 10 Profits
1) Hamilton +30
2) Josh Reddick +23
3) Trumbo +22
4) Kyle Seager +20
5) Encarnacion +20
6) Jones +18
7) Mike Aviles +18
8) Andy Dirks +17
9) Mike Trout +17
10) Kipnis +16

The profit list has 50% overlap with the top hitter list. The players like Hamilton and Jones that are having banner years are in the minority; a lot of these hitters truly are surprises. I liked Reddick coming into the year but had no idea that he would be a great hitter while playing half his games in Oakland. Seager is the other surprise that leaps off the page. While I figured that Seager would beat out Chone Figgins for playing time, I would not have expected such a strong season was in the cards for him.

Top 10 Losses
1) Jacoby Ellsbury -36
2) Albert Pujols -24
3) Carl Crawford -23
4) Brett Gardner -21
5) Eric Hosmer -18
6) Adrian Gonzalez -18
7) Peter Bourjos -17
8) Adam Lind -17
9) Raburn -17
10) Mark Reynolds -17

In the CBS expert league I bought Hamilton, Konerko and Kipnis. But I also purchased Ellsbury and Crawford, so instead of sitting in first place I'm mired in fourth. Hosmer appears here but once again there aren't many rookies to be seen. For all of the warnings from me and others about overpaying for rookies, that’s now how it has been playing out. You can get just as burned overpaying for established talent with Gonzalez or Pujols, and that is exactly what is happening this year.

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