Friday, June 01, 2012

A.L. Gearing Up: June 4-10

Rising Up
Stephen Pryor (0% owned last week; 5% this week)
To hear some in the fantasy media tell it, there's nothing to be had with Pryor but upside: a warm, fuzzy story that's going to end with him pumping gas past Major League hitters and leaving them and former closer Brandon League in his wake. The reality is a little more sobering: a high ceiling arm with some command issues that seemed to disappear after a 2011 promotion to AA but then resurfaced somewhat this year at AAA. Pryor's an OK spec grab in A.L.-only but the road from future closer to closer typically isn't a pleasant Sunday drive down the Interstate but rather a harrowing journey down the Hell's Pass on a dark Sunday at midnight.

Garrett Richards (5%/7%)
Richards is up for the injured Jered Weaver and is on tap for a two-start week next week, beginning with the Mariners on Monday. I'm not as high on Richards as some are. Some of this is based on the dubious eye test, but I also don't like the numbers. The AAA K/9 suggest Richards won't dominate while the high BB/9 suggest he'll struggle with his control. Richards is a worthy gamble if you really need an arm for the week, but I'm not recommending until he shows me something in the bigs.

In the Minors
Kevin Whelan
Whelan has a ton of strikeouts for AAA Scranton Wilkes-Barre, but at Age 28 he's less of a prospect and more of a fungible organizational arm. The Yankees might call him up at some point to serve in the back of the bullpen, but your roster spots are better served on others.

Lonnie Chisenhall
Chisenhall is back, and has already slugged two home runs this week. Kevin Youkilis isn't standing in Chis' way, so if Chisenhall can hit, I suspect he'll keep the job when Jack Hannahan comes back. Chisenhall should be owned in all leagues, and in A.L.-only formats I'd bid $30 of $100 FAAB for him at a minimum.

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