Monday, June 18, 2012

A.L. FAAB Log: June 17, 2012

Justin Grimm $12. Other bid $3.
Grimm was quality against the Astros on Saturday, picking up a win in his Major League debut. Grimm profiles as a pitcher with solid stuff that isn't spectacular. His command is strong, though, and his fastball has enough sink that he could develop into a #3-4 starter that induces a lot of ground balls. The bids were light because Roy Oswalt had a strong start in his most recent minor league tune-up, and could be on tap to start Friday for the big club. Grimm might be OK long term, but short-term this may have been a one-and-done start.

Leonys Martin $10. Other bids $10, $4, $3.
Martin still has some future/prospect sheen, but is probably up because the Rangers wanted to go with 14 hitters and 11 pitchers while they were playing in a National League park. I like Martin a lot long-term and he could eventually a 20/20 guy with a decent batting average. For now, though, the inn is crowded in the Rangers outfield and Martin doesn't have an obvious spot. He's a keeper league play only at the moment.

Brett Cecil $8. Other bids $6, $3, $3.
Fourth time's the charm? Cecil made his first Major League appearance of 2012 today against the Phillies and picked up a win against the underwhelming Kyle Kendrick. While the results were solid, the numbers today don't make me want to rush out and pick up Cecil. His velocity remained where it was last year, stuck in the high 80s. Some pitchers can live in this neighborhood, but the margin of error is low. I think Cecil could succeed, but his three prior trips through the Majors don't give me any kind of faith, and I'd leave Cecil in the free agent pool until he proves himself over the course of a few starts.

Steve Pearce $7. Other bids $6, $2.
With three Baltimore outfielders on the DL, Pearce has been pushed into outfield duty for the O's and has responded with a solid performance. There hasn't been a lot of power and the high batting average is fueled by an uncharacteristic .360 BABIP. Pearce might hold onto the job while the Orioles outfield recovers, but unless the power shows up to join the average, Pearce is eventually going to come crashing back down to Earth.

Jonathan Sanchez $6. Other bids $3, $1.
I wrote about Sanchez on Friday. In 5x5, he might be worth a flier if you're desperate for strikeouts, but the league profiled here uses 4x4. In this format, Sanchez is an awful, awful risk.

Tommy Hunter $5.
Hunter has always shown glimpses of being a rock steady starting pitcher, but the reality after parts of four seasons in the bigs is that Hunter probably isn't anything more than back-end rotation filler. He locates his pitches well but his stuff isn't dominant enough to ever expect any great leap forward. Hunter gets the Mets and Johan Santana this week at Citi Field; I don't think this is a play I'd want to make.

Jared Burton $3
Burton is a solid enough middle reliever for the Twins. The $3 play here was because Matt Capps is day-to-day with what seems like a minor injury and Glen Perkins was already taken. This bid will probably amount to nothing, but spec plays for saves at $1-3 are always fine in my book: just don't do it all year long and blow all of your FAAB on these kinds of bids.

Hector Santiago $1
I suppose this is OK as a next-year play, but right now it looks unlikely Santiago will be given another opportunity to close games in the short term and Addison Reed's presence and performance makes me think that Santiago might never get another chance in Chicago.

Dewayne Wise $1
Wise might pop the occasional home run or steal the occasional base, but he's mostly roster fodder to fill a dead spot that might need filling at some point during the season.

Drew Sutton $1
There was inexplicably a lot of buzz when Sutton was acquired from the Braves. But he hasn't done much for the Rays since then and probably won't see any real playing time barring an injury to a Rays infielder.

Brayan Villarreal $1
There are some who simply love Villarreal as a sleeper closer-in-waiting candidate. However, Joaquin Benoit would seem to be first in line if Jim Leyland decides to pull the plug on the ineffective Jose Valverde. Villarreal is still a nice add: a converted starter who found 2 MPH an hour on his already devastating fastball upon his move to the pen. He's a must add in 5x5, and not a bad future closer spec play in any event.

Jayson Nix. Claimed by 12th place team

Brayan Pena. Claimed by 7th place team

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