Monday, June 18, 2012

N.L. FAAB Log: June 18, 2012

Scott Cousins $6.  Other bids: $4, $2.
Cousins is apparently going to get some starts in centerfield for the Marlins as they try to piece together the outfield.  Cousins has struck out 36 times in 97 career at-bats, and, well, any intriguing skill set is completely offset by his inability to put the ball in play.  He is worth a flier if you are desperate.

Travis Wood $3. 
2010 remains close in mind to fantasy baseball players.  Wood has the stuff to be a $10 pitcher, as he was that year, but he looks quite far from that pitcher right now.  Wood is sporting a 4.58 ERA with a .228 BABIP…things could get worse in a hurry.  He gets the White Sox on Tuesday; this could be an acceptable matchup, given the White Sox proclivity to strike out.

Lyle Overbay $2.  Other bids: $1, $0.

Luis Valbuena $2.  Other bids: $1. 
Valbuena will likely get starts at third base for the Cubs while Ian Stewart is out of the lineup.  This would be exciting, except 2009 was clearly a fluke and Valbuena will be back on the bench or in the minors in a week or two.

Jason Marquis $1.
It is hard to believe Marquis is only 33 years old.  It is also hard to believe his ERA is as low as it is, given his BABIP and LD%.  A shut-out of the Mariners should not get anyone terribly excited.

Bryan Shaw $1. 

John Baker $0.

Manny Parra $0.

Joe Kelly $0. 
Kelly has given up 14 hits in his first two starts.  Kelly does not look quite ready for the majors, but his velocity and power sinker are intriguing.  Those out of competition in NL-only leagues should probably take a look, given the Cardinals’ knack for developing pitchers.

Donovan Solano $0. 
Coming out of nowhere, Solano is hitting ..367 with five runs batted in and a steal.  He is playing about three times per week right now, and his average and LD% are dropping with each start.  He will probably continue to fall in value as he plays more and as the Marlins get healthier.

Shawn Tolleson $0. 
Tolleson struck out 34 batters in 22.1 innings in AAA.  Despite the high K/9 and K/BB, his results were only so-so.  He is not a fantasy option at this point in any format. 

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