Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gearing Up: National League, April 23-29

On the Rise

Santiago Casilla (1% owned last week, 45% owned this week)

Well, if you do not already have Casilla in your NL-only league, you likely are not getting him this week.  I would be remiss if I did not mention him just in case.  He is the leader in the clubhouse to get saves for the Giants, though Sergio Romo and Javier Lopez are still in the mix.

Matt Carpenter (1% owned last week, 17% owned this week)

Lance Berkman is headed to the disabled list, and rather than bring up Matt Adams, the Cardinals decided to go with Matt Carpenter at first base until he returns.  Carpenter is off to a nice start, and is certainly someone to watch for the next couple ofweeks.

Juan Cruz (0% owned last week, 8% owned this week)

Cruz likely deserved a look just based on his peripherals.  The fact that he appears to be the closer when Joel Hanrahan is unavailable or injured makes him even more attractive.

Waiver Wire

Frazier is up a little sooner than the Reds hoped or expected.  While he is on the roster to replace Miguel Cairo, he could spell Scott Rolen at third base here and there.  Rolen is off to a terrible start, and there are whispers (however slight) that Rolen looks cooked.  I am not ready to step out on that limb quite yet, but Frazier could begin to see more significant playing time if Rolen is hurt or if he needs a blow, or he could be back in the minor leagues in two weeks.

A.J. Pollack

Pollack, a 24 year old outfielder, can fly.  He stole 36 bases last year, and comes to the Diamondbacks as a replacement for Geoff Blum and as insurance for the injured Justin Upon and Chris Young.  If either or both go on the disabled list, Pollack is someone to watch, as he could be a category contributor right away.

Moyer is a two-start pitcher this week.  He gets James McDonald and the Punch and Judy Pirates in Pittsburgh on Monday, followed by R.A. Dickey and the New York Mets in New York.  Actually, you should just pick up Moyer to see if he throws harder than Dickey…close call.  Either way, Moyer actually looks like a somewhat favorable start.

Many owners dropped Richard in their leagues; now is not the time to pick him up.  He gets Jordan Zimmerman and Matt Cain this week.  I can think of a number of better options for wins, though the ballparks are not terrible (the Nationals are in PETCO and the Giants game is in San Francisco).  The Padres are truly awful right now, however, and Richard is a poor option.

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