Friday, April 20, 2012

Gearing Up: American League, April 23-29

Rising Up 
Jason Marquis (1% owned in CBS leagues last week; 3% owned this week) vs BOS, KC
Even in A.L.-only leagues, if you have to reach for Marquis you're truly scraping the bottom of the barrel. He might be OK at home this year in optimal match-ups against right-handed heavy line-ups. If I own Jason Marquis this year it will because either a) My pitchers are doing so well in ERA/WHIP that I can chase wins or b) I've dumped and want to make innings so I don't lose ERA/WHIP points.

Waiver Wire
Tim Collins
When Joakim Soria went down for the count this spring, Collins was mentioned as a saves flier. The Royals 3-9 start hasn't given many indications as to how long or short of a leash Jonathan Broxton has, but Greg Holland is ahead of Collins in the pecking order in any event. I suppose you can speculate here but at this point don't count on any saves. Collins should be owned in deep leagues because of the high whiff rate.

Carl Pavano vs KC
Pavano is a slightly better option than Marquis, but only because he's so stingty with the walks. He's very hittable, so is subject to the vagaries of his defense and venue far more than his higher strikeout counterparts. He's on track to face the Royals next week. I could take or leave Pavano for this match-up.

Off the DL/Up from the Minors
No brainer activations 
B.J. Upton

Depends on your needs
Brandon Inge
Inge is going to be on the bad side of a 2B platoon. He does have some pop and could get the odd HR here and there. Even in A.L.-only, he's going to be a subpar option, but is worth adding if you have the dead spot.

Wait and see
Jerome Williams @TB
Williams was pounded in his first start against the A's last week. He gets the Orioles tonight. This falls into the stating the obvious category, but tonight's outing will determine whether Williams is worth activating. I didn't see his first start but the numbers make me think he's still in Spring Training mode. Keep him on reserve for now.

Drew Hutchison @BAL
Hutchison is one of those pitching prospects that doesn't have ace stuff but is a polished product. His ceiling is as a #3 or #4. He's slated to make his MLB debut tomorrow night against the Royals. He throws three quality, above average pitches for strikes but none is considered outstanding. Take his 2011 numbers with a grain of salt - the Midwest League is considered a pitchers' league - but then also remember that those numbers are still very, very good. I like Hutchison, but in leagues with farm systems it's best to leave him down for a couple of outings and see how he does/if he sticks.

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