Monday, April 23, 2012

N.L. FAAB Log: April 23, 2012

Tony Campana $18. Other bids: $17, $10, $6, $5.
Last year’s category hero in fantasy baseball, Campana did not make the roster due to the pesky problem of not being able to reach base safely. He did steal 24 bases last year in limited time, however, so he is impossible to ignore in this format. Even off the bench as a pinch runner for a few weeks or a few months, Campana can help you win a category.

Marco Estrada $13. Other bids: $13, $5, $3, $0.
Estrada performed well toward the end of last year, filling in for the then injured Chris Narveson.  He repeated the good performance this past week, holding the Rockies to a solo home run over five innings. He gets the Cardinals this week and should hold off Wily Peralta for the remaining starts while Narveson heals up.

A.J. Pollack $10. Other bids: $5, $5, $4, $2.
Pollack is already on the bench with Justin Upton avoiding the disabled list.  I would continue to look at him, however, as he will see the occasional start until Chris Young is back and continue to pinch hit and pinch run. He could steal a number of bases in that time.

Juan Cruz $10.  Other bids: $6, $3, $3, $0.
Hanrahan came into the game yesterday and picked up a save. If Hanrahan is healthy, Cruz’s value drops significantly. Cruz’s peripherals, however, do warrant him being owned, and it appears he will be the guy if Hanrahan gets hurt again.

Mark Kotsay $10. Other bids: None.
Kotsay is the presumptive right fielder against left-handed pitching. He is productive when he plays, with a little pop left in the bat. He is someone who could quickly disappear as the Padres fall to the bottom of the National League standings.

Todd Frazier $6. Other bids: None.
I wrote about Frazier on Friday.

Joe Mather $5.  Other bid: $4.
Mather is a pedestrian hitter at best, but carries some pop in his bat. He figures to get a good number of at-bats now that Marlon Byrd is headed to the friendly confines of Fenway Park.  The outfield is a crowded place, with Mather, Campana, Reed Johnson, etc. One of these guys will definitely disappear when Brett Jackson is deemed ready for Wrigley.

Clayton Richard $4. Other bids: None.
See Friday’s Gearing Up.

Greg Dobbs $3. Other bids: None.

Wade Miley $3. Other bids: None.
Miley gets a bid after his four scoreless innings against the Giants. I am not a believer; you should not be either.

Jaime Moyer $2. Other bids: None.
I wrote about Moyer on Friday.

Ronny Cedeno $1. Other bids: None.

Wilton Lopez $1.Other bids: None.

Shane Robinson $1. Other bids: None.
Robinson can run well, though not as well as Campana and Pollack.  He profiles as a career reserve, but figures to see some at-bats as the Cardinals cycle players in and out of the lineup due to injuries. Robinson can hold his own at the plate and steal a couple of bases, but he is worth a look only in the deepest National League format.

Jim Thome $1.  Other bids: None.

Clay Hensley $0. Other bids: None.
Good start to the season. Still not the closer.

Paul Maholm $0. Other bids: None.
Maholm had a nice start against the Reds this week; perhaps he is on the road to recovery. Speaking of road, Maholm gets the anemic Phillies offense in Citizens Bank Park this week (I cannot believe I just said that).

Andy Parrino $0. Other bids: None.
Parrino is nothing more than a spare part. He does have 23 at-bats already this season, however, so the Padres clearly like him. 

Mark Rzepczynski $0. Other bids: None.

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