Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One More Wild Night

Tied for first entering today/tonight in my A.L. I'm going to write this fast because things can and probably will start changing at a moment's notice.

Kyle Farnsworth's second save in two nights gave me a 1/2 point lead...and the first overall lead I had had in over a week. But Chris Sale's save tied things up again.

Then my opponent caught me in HR with his fourth of the night from Ian Kinsler. It wasn't the Kinsler homer that killed me...but the three prior by Chris Parmelee, Rene Tosoni and Mike McCoy that made the tie possible to begin with. 1 point back.

Next, Kurt Suzuki and Nelson Cruz drove in runs for the team I was one ahead of in RBI. Now I was two points back with only what was left of the two late games. Everything was still bunched up, but it was starting to feel late.

But Mike Napoli homered for me. A full point swing in HR again, 1/2 point swing in RBI. Half a point back overall. Cruz homered. Lost half a point in RBI. One point back. Napoli's second HR of the night swung the RBI point entirely again. Tied to end the night. With one day...and maybe one game...left.

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