Monday, August 29, 2011

N.L. FAAB Log: August 29, 2011

Aaron Hill $26.  Other bids: $24, $14, $13, $11, $10, $9.
I wrote about Hill last week.  So far, so good (for my predictions anyway): 5 for 20 with one home run and three runs batter in...I still think Hill is a bad gamble for any contender.  In our National League, Hill was picked up by the 6th place team, which is involved in a struggle for the first pick in the auction and going backwards at the moment.  The 4th place team made the top losing bid; he is dead in average and had nothing to lose from a power-play perspective.

Nick Evans $17.  Other bids: $2.
Evans gets a double-digit salary from the league leader (ahead by 14 points at the moment).  Evans replaced Nate Schierholtz for him and is a very savvy pick-up, as Evans is playing everyday and is a little hot right now (7-13 with one home run and five RBI).

Alex White $15.  Other bids: $10, $10, $1.
I wrote about White on Friday.  He was picked up by a non-contender, though I doubt he is a keep at $15.

Steve Cishek $12.  Other bids: $5, $1.
Cishek stepped up and got a save the other day when Nunez needed a day off.  Apparently, a non-contender believes Cishek will be closing at some point next year.  I think that is unlikely, though Nunez is no lock to close next year either.

Taylor Green $12.  Other bids: $3.
Green did not make publication time on Friday for gearing up.   He was having a great year in Nashville, posting a .336 average with 22 home runs.  Green did not make Jon Sickels' profile list this year, and we will need to see how his power and contact rates translate to the major leagues.  He should see some playing time as the season wears on, given that Milwaukee is about a week away from clinching the N.L. Central.

Kevin Kouzmanoff $12.  Other bids: $12, $10, $2.
I wrote about Kouzmanoff on Friday.  So far, he is 4-17 with four runs batted in, all in his last game.  He was picked up by the team in 3rd place, a team struggling to stay in the money - I am not sure Kouzmanoff will help that cause.

Chris Marrero $6.  
I wrote about Marrero back on May 28.  Marrero is finally up with the Nationals (though he sort of "snuck in" due to hurricane concerns - I, for one, never double-checked the free agent list Sunday).  He was only sporting an .825 OPS in AAA, and I am still not sure how his power will translate to the major leagues.  Is he a keep at $10 next year?  Perhaps - this team will find out in the off-season.

Kevin Millwood $1.
I wrote about Millwood briefly in last week's FAAB log.  His K/BB is better than good in his 25.1 innings so far.  The K rate is down, but the walk rate is down and he is giving up less than a hit per inning.  I do not think that he is a long-term candidate for success, but the 3rd place team is in a race in wins, and a few wins from Millwood could make the difference between 5th place and 3rd place.

Ramon Ramirez $1. Chad Qualls $1.
The 1st place team changed over some relievers here, picking up two guys being used in leverage situations.  This could translate to a couple of stray saves and/or a couple of stray wins, and perhaps move this team up into 3rd place.

Henry Blanco $1.
The 2nd place team put Blanco in for Brett Hayes: better the possibility of a home run rather than being assured of nothing.

Brad Ziegler.  Claimed by the 5th place team.

Jeff Baker.  Claimed by the 13th place team.

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