Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dollar Values

Early Sunday morning I posted an article about J.J. Hardy that included dollar values. agrebene wanted to know how I derived those values.
I'm very curious about the tool you're using to calculate in season $ values. Is there anything you can point me to? I'd previously used the Rototimes calculator before they disappeared and have been desperately hunting for a replacement all year. 
The best thing I can point you to is the Patton and Company in-season dollar value tool. You can use this tool to see what players have earned to date based off of last year's Patton formulas. You can drill down by American League or National League and sort by almost any column that is available.

While I like having this as a quick and dirty resource, when I need dollar values on my own, I usually throw my own formulas together quickly based on this season's numbers. One drawback to the Patton formulas is that they aren't prorated. I prefer to see what a player is on pace to earn...particularly in June when it's not very useful to know that so-and-so has earned $10 through 60 games.

Another drawback to the Patton page is that the values are 4x4. Patton offers 5x5 in his software, but not on the stats page. While I started playing 4x4, most of the leagues I play in now are 5x5...and yours probably are as well.

Down the road, I would like to start offering updated, 5x5 values based off of my in-season Patton values. Hopefully, this will be something I can offer as early as next year.

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