Monday, August 29, 2011

A.L. FAAB Log: August 29, 2011

Kelly Johnson $15. Other bids: $15, $15, $11, $11, $11, $10, $5, $3.
The contenders in this league bid $15, $11, $11 and $3, with one non-bid. This is logical; the contenders are either capped out, have superior or similar options at second base/middle, or some combination of the two. The non-contender bids were even less aggressive and - in two cases - nonexistent. This is a long fall for a player with a $21 average auction salary last March, but rebuilding owners likely don't trust the poor batting average and probably are worried that Johnson's lousy August OPS Will Carry into September. Longshot contenders that need to take risks might want to roll the dice on Johnson and hope for a good amount of steals and home runs down the stretch but shouldn't expect much. Eleven dollars seems like a safe keeper price for Johnson assuming he's in the American League. Fifteen dollars for a keeper bid seems high based on Johnson’s poor performance an spotty track record.

Ryan Adams $15. Other bid $1.
With Brian Roberts looking like he’s out for the year, Adams take the second base job at Baltimore and run with it. As I noted in May, his power is intriguing, and Adams was hot for two months at AAA prior to his promotion this time around. Adams could wind up being a better add than Johnson. He's swinging a hot bat, and could be a source of power down the stretch for contending A.L. Roto teams.

Jerome Williams $3. Other bid $1.
I profiled Williams in Friday's Gearing Up. He continues to look like a decent wins play with two potentially favorable match-ups coming up this week. I'm a little surprised there weren't more bids, but he's not a $10 keep for 2012 and nearly every contender is in an ERA/WHIP dogfight.

Quintantilla is a seldom used middle infielder for the Rangers. Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus both get the vast majority of the at-bats here, so Quintanilla hardly ever plays. He's not worth rostering.

Recker replaced Landon Powell as the A's back-up catcher early this past week. Recker is a second string type, but he has always hit for some power in the minors and could provide a little pop out of your second catcher slot. Recker isn’t a prospect, though, and profiles long-term as a future back-up, not a starter.

Like Williams, Perez was profiled in Friday's Gearing Up.

Wise isn't anything special, but he provides what few A.L.-only free agents do at this point in the season: at bats. He should play every day for the next week or two with Colby Rasmus and Rajai Davis both on the D.L. (though Mike McCoy could steal some time here and there). Wise offers a little stolen base potential and little else.

Nolan Reimold. Claimed by 10th, 9th, 8th, 6th, 4th, 2nd and 1st place teams.
Besides Reimold and Wise, the only other outfield eligible in the free agent pool was recently activated Indians outfielder Jerad Head.

Zach Stewart. Claimed by 6th place team.

Russ Branyan. Claimed by 5th place team.

David Pauley. Claimed by 3rd place team.

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