Thursday, October 07, 2010

N.L. Cy Young

Yesterday reminded us why we vote on awards before the postseason begins.

Top 10 2010 N.L. Pitchers, Sorted by Patton $

1Roy Halladay$381st1st

2Adam Wainright$352nd4th

3Ubaldo Jimenez$293rd3rd

4Roy Oswalt$296th7th

5Billy Wagner

6Josh Johnson$265th

7Mat Latos

8Tim Hudson$254th
9Matt Cain$259th

10Heath Bell$24

Other VORP Top 10:  Cole Hamels 7th, Johan Santana 8th, Clayton Kershaw 10th.
Other Fangraphs Top 10: Tim Lincecum 5th, Clayton Kershaw 6th, Yovani Gallardo 8th, Chad Billingsley 9th, Anibal Sanchez 10th.

Roy Halladay still had the edge for Cy Young anyway, but yesterday's performance probably would have made him a slam dunk if it were included in the voting. As it stands, it still looks like a two-man race between Halladay and Wainwright, with Halladay getting the edge.

The third place vote is the only place where there might be any drama, and I'm inclined to give the edge to Jimenez over Johnson since U-Ball pitched a full season. His second half drop-off was rough, but I'm not a believer in giving Post All-Star or September stats more weight, so U-Ball gets my third place vote.

There are other pitchers here who had very good seasons, but don't come close to matching Halladay or Wainwright. Oswalt was amazing after he was traded to the Phillies. Hudson struggled down the stretch but his last start against the Phillies put Atlanta in the play-offs. Wagner had a great season for a closer, but not the kind of dominant year that makes him worthy of serious consideration.

1st Roy Halladay, 2nd Adam Wainwright, 3rd Ubaldo Jimenez. 


Eugene Freedman said...

The Keith Law Rule... You now get 5 places to vote for.

Toz said...

No looking it up Eugene - can you tell me who finished third in the Cy Young voting each of the last three years?

Any rule that has "Keith Law" in front of it, well, need I say more?

Mike Gianella said...

Toz and I disagree on Keith Law. I like Law a lot.

Eugene Freedman said...

Last year in the NL there was a big backlash b/c Law did not include Carpenter or perhaps Wainright as well on his ballot. I know Javier Vazquez was his #3 pick. Had he put one of the Cardinals on the ballot it he might have edged Lincecum. Can't remember which one. The BBWAA decided to expand the ballot to include 5 due to Keith's ballot.

That said, I believe the balloting last year was Lincecum, Wainright, Carpenter and Grienke, Felix, Verlander last year. Could be wrong.