Friday, October 08, 2010

A.L. Cy Young 2010

Most of the argument in the American League this year surrounding the Cy Young has centered around whether or not Felix Hernandez should be penalized by the voters for his low win total.

Top 10 2010 A.L. Pitchers, Sorted by Patton $

1Felix Hernandez$351st3rd

2Jered Weaver$293rd5th

3CC Sabathia$285th8th

4David Price$282nd

5Cliff Lee

6Justin Verlander$266th

7Jon Lester
8Rafael Soriano$25
9Trevor Cahill$259th

10Clay Buchholz$244th

Other VORP Top 10:  Gio Gonzalez 8th.
Other Fangraphs Top 10: Francisco Liriano 4th, Zach Greinke 7th, C.J. Wilson 9th, Colby Lewis 10th.

This is a case where the Rotisserie numbers (wins, ERA, WHIP, Ks) speak to me as much or more than the other metrics that you might use to make your case. Even when you factor in Felix's 13 wins to the equation, he's still $6 better than the next pitcher. Felix dominated this year, so much so that a system that does factor in wins still puts Felix head and shoulders above everyone else.

The race for the American League Cy Young is really for 2nd place, and the level of passion surrounding these arguments have been quite silly given how close some of these pitchers are. There is almost a backlash too far in the other direction against CC because of his wins, leading to some arguments that David Price, Jon Lester, and/or Clay Buchholz are miles and miles ahead of CC. I could see putting any of those pitchers ahead of CC...but I could also see putting CC ahead of any of those pitchers also.

My ballot goes 1) Felix, 2) Jered Weaver and 3) David Price. Weaver was a mini-Felix in Anaheim, striking out more in total and per inning than Felix. Price and CC are closer than some Tampa fans would have you believe, but I give him a slight edge here.

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