Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Fantasy Off-Season

Congratulations to those of you who successfully navigated the year and won your leagues.  To those of you who fell short, I hope you have built your dynasty for the next several years.

While I want to take time out and enjoy the Phillies' run to the World Series, there is certainly a full agenda of fantasy stuff to work on as well.  I would like to put my CBS year out of sight and out of mind, though I am sure I will comment on it (and my particularly not so good auction).  More intriguing, however, is our American League 4x4 year.  There are a number of significant fantasy issues to discuss that stem for our very tight race throughout the year, and, hopefully, we'll get a chance to touch on most of them.

I also hope to delve deeper into FIP and xFIP during the course of the off-season.  These stats, in particular, raised a great deal of interest and debate, and certainly deserve a closer look.  Rather than focusing on formulas, however, I will focus more on application of FIP and xFIP (as well as some other metrics).  My belief is that, while there are certainly flaws in many of these metrics, the largest flaw is in the application and analysis.

Thanks for hanging with us during the course of the year, and I hope you will stick with us to address these topics and more through the hot stove season.


Eugene Freedman said...

I came in second in my secondary league and it's all your fault.


Looking forward to the offseason. Nice job in CBS and Tout.

I'm still hoping for an opening in the BABG league.

My 18 YO AL only 5x5 is moving its draft from NYC to AC this coming year, so if you're free that day and want to chronicle a draft you're not involved in let me know. Sizing up to be March 26.

Toz said...

Eugene - given that I jinxed each potential free agent pick-up that might have been any good, and somehow instilled each potential free agent pick-up with some sort of magical ability to hit and/or pitch, I will accept full responsibility!

I can always be convinced to hop a train to AC for a poker/auction weekend, depending on how the schedules work out for our other auctions.