Tuesday, October 05, 2010

And Yet More Congratulations Are In Order

Long time reader Rodger won his first championship in 12 years and writes about his mad run for first place here.

Rodger wrote me earlier today, telling me that my site has "made me think even more analytically about certain issues and has greatly improved my draft prep."

Thanks Rodger. Glad I could provide the help...especially to someone who sounds like he's already got a pretty good handle on the game. Congratulations, and good luck next year.


Toz said...

You know, all first time winners are required to take the Yoo-Hoo bath Rodger! I want pictures!

Rodger A. Payne said...

Thanks, Mike.

Toz, this wasn't my first time. I've been playing with many of the same guys since 1989 and won the league that year and again in 1992, 1993 and 1998. It was finally the end of a long drought.

I've also had a lot of success in a 24 team head-to-head league.

Toz said...

Sigh - no pictures then.

Well, congratulations on the end of the drought...it certainly is frustrating after awhile.

Head to head is something I have no experience with, but I think I would like to try someday. For now, though, I'll defer to those of you with a lot more experience in it than me.

Gypsy Soul said...

Dear M&M boys, congratulations to you both for your successes and for all your help to all of us.

I was in tough NL and AL 12 team rotisserie leagues and was very happy with finishing 3rd (6.5 points behind the leader) and second (8.5 points behind the leader). I really credit my success to only buying undervalued players for the most part and to the many ideas you throw out.

Thanks and have a great off-season. Carter