Sunday, July 11, 2010

N.L. FAAB Log: July 12, 2010

Jason Giambi $8.  Other bids: $0.  Giambi will likely get at-bats now that Helton is on the disabled list.  We cannot predict how long Helton will be out, but you could do a lot worse than Giambi off your bench.  In 131 plate appearances, Giambi is putting up an .838 OPS and 118 OPS+.  He has only hit 3 home runs, but it's a start if you are in need of help.

Blake Hawksworth $3.  Hawksworth is striking out less than 7 batters per nine and walking nearly 3.5, so he is very difficult to recommend, even starting on a play-off caliber team.  For now, I would steer clear.

Laynce Nix $3.  Nix has not accumulated very many at-bats since I wrote about him here.  He does have some pop, as evidenced by his 4 home runs, but he does not play enough to warrant consideration except in the deepest of leagues in the most desperate of circumstances.

Juan Gutierrez $2.  The Diamondbacks tried to hand the closer role to Gutierrez, and he impolitely said "no thank you" and handed it right back.  He is sporting an ERA over 7.00, and while I do not normally look at xFIP for relievers too closer, his is over 5.00.  It is possible he could be handed saves chances, but his interiors are so poor that he is an equally likely candidate to be shipped out.

Brad Eldred $2.  Brad Eldred has been sitting in AAA doing what he normally does: earning home run hitter of the year awards.  Eldred never put it together in the majors, and likely never will at this point.  He'll provide some low average pop while Helton is out and when Giambi isn't playing.  Since impact players are not readily available in deep NL-only leagues right now, he is worth a gamble if you have a need.

Alex Sanabia $1.  The Marlins are thinking about putting Sanabia into the rotation.  Sanabia didn't have a great year in high A last year (the 1.89 K/BB sticks out like a sore thumb, as do tERA and xFIP), but he tore up AA before his promotion.  He is someone to take a look at if you are a non-contender, but I would not expect much from him and would steer clear if you are in the running this year.

Ross Ohlendorf $1.  Ohlendorf really has not done much for the Pirates this year.  He is putting runners on base at an alarming rate, and his xFIP is nearly .80 over his current ERA.  All of this spells impending disaster for Ohlendorf and your team should you choose to add him.

Kyle McClellan $0.  McClellan continues to put up decent numbers for the Cardinals.  He does not strike out very many hitters, so he does not help you much in 5x5, but if you are desperate for a relatively harmless pitcher, McClellan is not a bad option.

Brett Hayes $0.  Hayes is a true back-up with no fantasy value.

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