Monday, July 12, 2010

A.L. FAAB Log: July 12, 2010

Jose Molina $3.
Molina is having one of the best years of his career, but with John Buck in front of him, he's only on pace to get about 120-130 AB. Molina might pop the odd HR now and again, but his Roto worth is extremely limited, even in A.L.-only.

Vin Mazzaro $1.
Mazzaro's the kind of pitcher whose 3.81 ERA would have resulted in some mild gushing in the bad old days prior to Baseball Prospectus and Fangraphs and all of these other sites we just take for granted now. Mazzaro was somewhat BABIP-unlucky in 2009; now he's somewhat lucky in that department. His stuff is average but not great and Mazzaro probably profiles as either a #5 SP or Quad-A type whose future rests in a Major League bullpen. He is slated to get the Royals right after the All-Star break, but could get bumped from the rotation with Brett Anderson and Dallas Braden both anticipated to be back soon.

Jose Mijares $1.
After a poor April, Mijares has been anywhere from solid to lights-out on the Dominance Meter since. The problem from our perspective is that Ron Gardenhire has been using Mijares as a quasi-LOOGY, leaving Mijares' Roto value extremely limited. He's not anywhere near the closer discussion right now.

Kevin Russo $1.
I first wrote about Russo on May 31 He posted a 361 OPS in June as a back-up OF and shouldn't even be on your roster as comic relief.

Colin Curtis. Claimed by 12th and 7th place teams.
I wrote about Curtis a mere two weeks ago, so don't feel the need to add anything new here. I doubt the Yankees bench is going to be this thin after the trade deadline; it wouldn't surprise me if Russo and Curtis were both back in the minors by then.

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