Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 A.L. and N.L. Only 5x5 Rotisserie Dollar Values: Final

Follow this link for a complete list of player values for 2012 for A.L. and N.L.-only Rotisserie-style, 5x5 leagues.

These values are my spin on the formulas devised by Alex Patton, which are still available on his web site. With Alex and Peter Kreutzer's kind permission, I have been producing my own version of their values for use on this site for the last few years.

I'll be using these values for the position-by-position rundowns I do every offseason. One significant change this year is that there will be less of a narrative flow and more of a capsule-style summary of takeaways. I certainly don't mind doing the write-ups, but I suspect that most people that come to the site are more interested in the data than in what I have to say about it.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope those of you that are as interested in player valuation as I am continue to visit the site this winter.

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