Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Position Scarcity: Deep Leagues

Zucchini Boy has a problem not many deep league owners tend to have: too many middle infielders.
I have three shortstops (Rafael Furcal, Starlin Castro, and Stephen Drew), meaning one will occupy the utility spot after I activate Drew. Would it make more sense for me to try to trade one of them for a more "productive" position like 1B or OF, or does the position scarcity argument not apply if you think the players are good?
In my experience, it doesn't really matter how many of "x" position you have in a deep league. The free agent pool in deep leagues stinks. Your goal should be to have the best 14 players possible on offense regardless of position. Chances are excellent that you're never going to be carrying 14 everyday players anyway, so don't obsess if you have three shortstops as opposed to three first basemen or six outfielders.

If the three middle infielders you have are quality players, there is a hidden advantage for you, as you might wind up playing keep away from other owners and forcing them to play a weaker option. If there are 32 starting middle infielders in the National League and 39 middle infield slots in an N.L.-only, if you have three everyday middle infielders on your squad you're keeping a starter away from a rival at a position that's harder to fill with quality on the back end.

Another advantage of carrying three middle infielders is that it makes it harder for your opponents come dump time to capitalize on a second-tier team giving the farm away at the position. If you can keep a rival from filling out at middle infield by overstocking, you've done well.

I'm not saying that you should carry three middle infielders. Rather what I'm saying is that there is no distinct disadvantage if the players are good and, in fact, it can be quite advantageous in certain situations.

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Thanks Mike, I appreciate the insights!