Monday, May 07, 2012

N.L. FAAB Log: May 7, 2012

Edward Mujica $16.  Other bids: $13, $11, $9, $9, $5.

Mujica is a good reliever to start, and a holds machine in those leagues counting the stat.  Mujica picked up the save on Sunday, though keep in mind Steve Cishek threw three innings on Friday.  Since Mujica has gotten the save chances Thursday and Sunday, however, perhaps it is best to favor him over Cishek.

Conor Gillaspie $12.  Other bids: $11,$10, $7, $4, $1.

I wrote about Gillaspie on Friday.  He has played every game since Sandoval’s injury, and I expect that will continue.

Bobby Abreu $11.  Other bids: $10, $9, $9, $8, $2, $2.

I wrote about Abreu on Friday.  Since then, we learned James Loney is likely to sit more.  Somehow, this convinced writers at other web-sites that Abreu will play more, as Juan Rivera will be playing first base, forgetting, of course, that Abreu is also a left-handed hitter and, for the last couple of years, cannot hit left-handers either.

James Russell $11.  Other bids: $8, $4, $3.

As I said on Friday, Russell appears to be the situational closer at best.  Dolis got the save Friday and the win Sunday, and should see most of these appearances.

Cesar Izturis $8.  Other bids: $1, $1.

Izturis is a career .255 hitter who is (for now) the starting shortstop for the Brewers.  He is off to a horrible start this year, and has not stolen a base.  I think Edwin Maysonet will take some of these starts away as the season progresses.

Gregor Blanco $7.  Other bids: $6.

Two owners know more than the other 11 here.  Nate Schierholtz is slumping, and Bruce Bochy moved Blanco into the lineup under the theory of “speed never slumps.”  Of course, Schieholtz is slumping, so that seems to be an awkward theory.  Nonetheless, Blanco will start against right-handed hitters for now, and be back on the bench next week.

Ryan Webb $4.

Webb has a good arm, but likely will not see saves while Heath Bell is on the closer pine.

Patrick Corbin $3.

I wrote about Corbin on Friday.

Dale Thayer $2.

Matt Diaz $1.  Other bids: $1, $0, $0.

Diaz has been effective off the bench this year.  He will remain on the bench barring an injury.

Brooks Conrad $0.  Other bids: ($7).

I only note that you should get your position eligibilities correct before bidding on a player.  The writer of this particular column is the guilty party!

Matt Belisle $0.

Logan Ondrusek $0.

Pete Orr $0.

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