Monday, May 07, 2012

A.L. FAAB Log: May 7, 2012

Johnny Damon $22. Other bids: $17, $13, $10, $10, $4, $1.
Damon is OF eligible in this league; in leagues where he's still DH-only the bidding might not be quite as spirited. Damon should be picked up in all leagues where he's available. He might not quite play every day, but should get most of the starts in LF for the Indians and will spell Travis Hafner at DH from time to time. Damon is long past his elite days, but earned $21 last year for the Rays. A $15-20 season isn't out of the question if he plays.

Michael Taylor $15. Other bids: $9, $6, $2, $1.
With Coco Crisp hitting the DL, Taylor gets the call as a fill-in. He's technically a back up, but should get some AB in the A's underwhelming outfield rotation. Taylor is a modest power/speed guy at his best, but his minor league numbers are fairly pedestrian, even though Sacramento isn't quite the hitters' haven that some other PCL venues are. Taylor has struggled at home and done well on the road at AAA, which doesn't necessarily bode well for hitting in Oakland. I like the lower bids here. $15 seems too high for a back up, and also too high for a keeper bid for 2013.

Brian Dozier $12. Other bids $7, $2, $1.
Dozier isn't a top prospect, but he continues to defy the odds by hitting at every level. With the Twins offense struggling, Dozier will get an opportunity to crack the line-up. He's a modest power/decent speed play and while I'm cynical the power will translate to the bigs, if he can hit .260-.270 then Dozier will provide A.L.-only value. This bid is probably about right, and this league wasn't quite aggressive enough with their bids in my mind. Starting middle infielders don't show up on the FAAB wire every week.

Ernesto Frieri $10. Other bids $3, $3, $2.
I profiled Frieri in Friday's Gearing Up. With injuries to Scott Downs and LaTroy Hawkins, Frieri's chances for short-term saves have definitely increased, and I wouldn't rule out Frieri grabbing the job for more than the interim if he succeeds with this (possible) opportunity.

Gerald Laird $2. Other bid $1.
Laird is a fairly harmless back-up catcher, but he almost never plays. I'd pass even in A.L.-only.

Ryan Cook $2. Other bids $2, $1.
I also wrote about Cook on Friday. For what it's worth, Jason Martinez of MLB Depth Charts thinks that Cook could get a shot at saves at some point this year if/when Grant Balfour is traded. I don't agree, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm right.

Ryan Flaherty $1.
Flaherty was picked up only so his owner could have a third baseman to complete a trade. He's merely infield depth for the Orioles and borderline roster worthy in A.L.-only.

Will Rhymes $1. Other bids $1, $1.
Rhymes only went for $1 but as with Dozier there probably should have been some more aggressive bidding here. With Evan Longoria on the shelf for a few weeks, Rhymes should get a fair amount of starts in the infield for Tampa. He has a good amount of speed and could be a nice source of stolen bases if he gets the at bats. There's a reason Rhymes is 29 and never made it, but make the short-term play here and get Rhymes if you have a hole.

Chris Stewart $1.
Stewart will spell Russell Martin on occasion, but is your typical A.L.-only second catcher and isn't worth more words than the ones I just wrote.

Darren O'Day $1.
O'Day is a serviceable middle reliever with virtually no chance at saves. He's fine in A.L.-only as a back-end starter.

Irving Falu $1.
Even in A.L.-only, Falu probably shouldn't be rostered. He has some speed potential, but I'm not sure how many AB he's going to get, and suspect he's just keeping the position warm until Yuniesky Betancourt returns. Then again, these are the Royals, so maybe Falu will impress Ned Yost and wrest the starting job away from Chris Getz. This paragraph has depressed me.

Luis Perez $1.
Perez won't close in Toronto but he's one of those strong middle relievers that you have to own in deep leagues. He should continue to pitch well in this role and from our perspective he's nice because he could be a decent vulture.

Josh Tomlin. Claimed by 12th, 8th and 5th place teams.
Tomlin has been pounded so far, but his FIP/xFIP indicate that better days are ahead. He's a soft tosser so is always going to be prone to some BABIP variance, but his K rate isn't quite at that low level where he should be doing quite this badly. I'd definitely grab him in a deep league if I had the need.

Koji Uehara. Claimed by 8th and 5th place teams.
Uehara keeps getting waived and claimed in this league. This is typical. Even in deep leagues, owners chase starts and saves first and then look at peripherals. I continue to endorse Uehara in A.L.-only.

Elliot Johnson. Claimed by 6th place team.
Johnson should continue to provide some modest speed off of the bench for the Rays. The Longoria injury bumps his value up slightly in the short-term.

Endy Chavez. Claimed by 3rd and 2nd place teams.
With Nolan Reimold's injury, Chavez gets a new fantasy lease on life. He'll lead off for the Orioles and with the way their line-up is going could be a decent source of runs. Grab him if you have a dead spot.

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