Thursday, September 29, 2011


First, I think we can all agree that last night might be the greatest night of regular season baseball in our respective lifetimes.  The Cardinals were the only team that put things away early; Chris Carpenter pitched like an ace.  The Phillies/Braves and Yankees/Rays go to extra innings, while the Sox/Os go to a thrilling bottom of the ninth.  Within about 11 minutes, the Braves go home, the Sox head off the field to pack for Tampa, and Evan Longoria makes the trip unnecessary.  The 1964 Phillies are no longer the worst collapse in baseball history, tied and surpassed this season.  Shocking.  Exciting.  Scintillating.  You choose your word.

Second, congratulations to the heart and soul of Roto Think Tank for winning the Billy Almon Brown Graduate League AND the CBS American League Expert Analyst League.  If I have to hand my Billy Almon 2010 trophy to someone next year, I am glad it is to such a great friend.  Kudos to his great run of success.

My year, unfortunately, did not go quite as well.  I do not talk much about our American League, as Mike handles the A.L. talk, but I did have quite a run this year.  Coming in to the year with a skeleton keep list, I managed to negotiate an auction and a season of trades well outside my typical "toolbox."  At the end of August, I was within 4 points of the lead, but just could not keep the momentum.  Of all crazy things, a trade for C.C. Sabathia just did not work out as I hoped; if he put up a typical year, things might have been a little different.

Our National League saw a 26 point blow-out.  Given the strength of ownership in the league, this is a stunning win.  Unfortunately, I finished in the second division there and in CBS.  My CBS team rallied in the middle of the year despite the loss of Adam Wainwright very soon after the auction; I just never recovered from that body blow.

I hope your seasons were successful, and I hope we helped you somewhere along the way.  I certainly look forward to an active off-season.


mike fenger said...

And, the thank-yous should not be one-way. Both of you provide great content day after day, for little (financial) reward. As I say, the content is of great use for players of any experience level. I won both my leagues this year (one start-over league that has some inexperienced owners, and one keeper league some of the owners have participated in since 1984), and Mike and Toz were absolutely a part of that. Thanks, gents, for all you do here.

Scooter said...

It was a great night to have the four-game display on my computer thanks to, and it was a well-deserved title for you in the AL, Mike. Congratulations again.