Monday, September 05, 2011

A.L. FAAB Log: September 5, 2011

Leonys Martin $15. Other bids: $11, $5.
I profiled Martin in Friday's Gearing Up. Endy Chavez, Craig Gentry and David Murphy are all getting playing time over Martin, so it's hard to recommend Martin right now if you're trying to grab the ring. For non-contenders, a $10-12 contingency keeper bid would be prudent here, but the winning bid is from a contender.

Brandon Guyer $10. Other bids: $2, $2.
Guyer is getting a few starts here and there for the Rays but like Martin looks like a better long-term play right now than a win-now proposition. Looking at Guyer's minor league numbers and age I'm not particularly impressed, but I could see a David DeJesus-type career for Guyer if everything plays out optimally.

This late in the game, Oliver is a boring middle relief pick-up for contenders looking to protect their rate stats. However, while the team that picked up Oliver is contending, they're also dead in the water in ERA/WHIP. They did drop soon-to-be-shutdown Danny Duffy, so they probably figured better something than nothing. I might have picked up a starting pitcher in this team's position, but the starters out there in a 12-team, A.L.-only pool are somewhere in the range of poor to awful.

The Rangers changed their tune from this past Friday, when they said that Feldman would stay in the bullpen. Over the weekend, Ron Washington said that Alexi Ogando would be skipped and Feldman would get at least one start. This instantly makes Feldman a moderate risk wins play, though his match-up against James Shields today is unfavorable.

Like Oliver, these three pitchers were picked up in favor of three poorly performing starters in an effort to protect a team's ERA/WHIP. Unlike with Oliver, these pick-ups were made by a non-contender trying to ensure a good farm pick for next year. All three relievers have good peripherals and are as "safe" as a pitcher can possibly be that is in the free agent pool at this point in the season.

Gomez is a back-of-the-rotation type if everything breaks right for him in the Majors. All of his stuff is average, but having command of three pitches should not be completely dismissed. If Gomez's can keep the walks low, he profiles as a pitcher who could put up anything between a 3.50 to a 4.50 ERA based on luck on balls in play, with an ERA at a higher end of the range more in line based on early results. He gets the White Sox in Chicago this week, which is not a particularly favorable match-up.

Reed was a third round pick by the White Sox out of San Diego State in 2010. He blew through four levels of the minor leagues this year, and is up with the Sox for a cup of coffee this month. Reed was a starter at San Diego State, but it looks like his future with the Sox is in relief. Long term, Reed has the makings of a future closer, but as we all know that road is always potentially bumpy. He'll pitch in middle relief for now. John Sickels did a thorough write-up on Reed last month that is well worth reading.

Maicer Izturis. Claimed by 11th, 9th, 4th, 3rd and 1st (tie) place teams.
Izturis is an "option" year player in this league, making him a free agent next year. From that standpoint, the two claims at the bottom of the standings make little if any sense.

Joakim Soria. Claimed by 10th, 8th, 6th, 5th and 1st (tie) place teams.
Joakim Soria on waivers? of the teams tied for 1st had to make cap room for Justin Morneau and Alex Rodriguez. This team has one point to lose in saves (maybe) and can pick up or protect quite a few points in HR/RBI. It was a slick move I was hoping this owner wouldn't make (I'm the one who is tied with him for 1st as I write this).

Conor Jackson. Claimed by 6th and 5th place teams.

Craig Gentry. Claimed by 5th place team.

Jason Donald. Claimed by 4th place team. 

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