Friday, July 15, 2011

Gearing Up A.L. Week 16: July 18-24

Rising Up
Bruce Chen (17% owned last week; 22% this week)
Chen has been owned in my home league most of the season and was just dropped on Sunday; I don't want to give the impression that he has just been rotting away in the free agent pool. Chen's numbers look pretty, but his FIP and xFIP both indicate that some regression is in order in the second half. He is pitching better than he has in the past, but is still a #4 or #5 MLB starter. If you put him on your A.L.-only squad, that's OK, but don't expect miracles. If you put him on your mixed squad, you are making a risky play.

I wrote about Martin a week ago. The Rangers just promoted him to AAA but I don't know how this impacts his MLB ETA...or if it does at all.

Up from the Minors/DL
Carrera looks like he's just up for a few days until the Indians need another starting pitcher. He's a speed demon who some think projects long term as a fourth outfielder but could wind up as a lead-off type if everything breaks right. Right now Carrera is just a name to keep in mind for the future.

Jacob McGee
If you read the blog regularly, then you just read my spectacular piece on the Rays bullpen. Kyle Farnsworth is locked in as the closer and I wouldn't read anything into the McGee call up. He'll pitch in middle relief for the Rays for now.

Possible Waiver Claims
Cust's OBP means that he's not completely worthless, but his power has evaporated and as a DH he's a poor option. It's not like the Mariners have a plethora of superior hitters in front of Cust, but their squad doesn't look poised to make a run this year so they seem to be easing Cust out so they can see what they have in Carlos Peguero and Greg Halman. Cust is borderline now in A.L.-only and probably should stay on your waiver wire.

Davis and Robert Andino were splitting time at second base for the Orioles, but as of late it looks like Andino is running away with the job. This is one of the saddest sentences I have ever written. Any further commentary I could provide will only add to my sadness.

Maier continues to rot on the Royals bench. He's only worth mentioning because there are rumors in some circles that the Royals might trade Jeff Francoeur or Melky Cabrera. If they do, this would open up some playing time for Maier in the second half. He still wouldn't be a great option, but a 10 HR/10 SB pace as a regular wouldn't be out of the question. Keep a close eye on the rumor mill.

Carlos Peguero
Peguero has been up and down since his call-up in late April, but with the exception of a solid June has mostly been down. He looks like he could hit 20 HR over the course of a full season, but those 20 HR look like they'd come with a .200 BA and a .250 OBP. That's not going to fly for a full time player. While Peguero is still pretty young, his hacking tendencies are making many think that there's going to be a lot more Triple-A in his future than big league action.

Teahen has been picking up a little more playing time as of late, but for the most part he's just collecting rust on the White Sox bench. Unless you're in a deep keeper league and unless you can stash him, you're better off trying to find someone better for your last offensive roster spot.

At one point, Tolbert seemed like a viable alternative to Alexi Casilla at second base for the Twins. However, Casilla has actually been tolerable for the Twins while Tolbert has been horrible. Tolbert isn't even running; he has one SB year-to-date. You're better off with a dead spot at MI.

Collins' overall numbers look OK, but a closer look at his splits show a pitcher who is fading fast. I wonder if the Royals will consider reducing his workload soon. De Los Santos numbers look awesome, but the sample size is miniscule. Frasor is a stealth closer-in-waiting candidate for the Jays, though his interiors are weaker than they have been in the past. He's worth a stab as a waiver claim, but know that there's probably a less than 50% chance he gets a significant shot at saves. The league seems to be catching up to Tateyama, but his xFIP tells a different story. He's one of many useful but fungible relievers in the American League.

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Ron Washington said that Martin could be promoted if Borbon's injury is going to keep him out the rest of the way.