Friday, July 08, 2011

Kyle Gibson and Leonys Martin

Rafi asked about two American League minor leaguers: Kyle Gibson and Leonys Martin.

Kyle Gibson: 16 GS, 86 1/3 IP, 94 H, 10 HR, 22 BB, 86 K, 4.17 ERA, 1.344 WHIP.
John Sickels did a comprehensive write-up about Gibson a month ago. Gibson sounds like a pitcher who is more of a polished product with a medium ceiling than a projectable arm with a high one. He throws three solid pitches, but his bread-and-butter is a high 80s/low 90s sinking fastball that generates a lot of groundballs. His G/F at AAA this year is 3.42, which is simply an incredible rate. The K/9 makes me think that Gibson could hold his own in the Majors with a six or seven K/9 rate. The HR/IP, on the other hand, makes me nervous. That's not a terrible rate, but for a guy who generates that many grounders it seems really, really high. Is Gibson making a lot of mistakes or has he been unlucky on his HR/FB? If I'm contending this year, I'm not sure I want to find out. Gibson might be up later this year, but that might just be for a September cup of coffee. I think he gets a legitimate chance to crack the rotation in 2012.

Leonys Martin: 124 AB, 23 R, 4 HR, 25 RBI, 14 BB, 14 K, 10 SB, 9 CS, 331/408/556.
Martin signed with the Rangers on May 4 and after a handful of games in the Arizona Rookie League hit the ground running at AA. That overall line doesn't look too impressive, but Martin's 981 slash at AA would put him sixth among qualifiers (and ahead of uber-prospect Mike Trout). Martin's scouting report says he doesn't excel in any one area but is potentially the complete package that scores between 55-60 on the MLB scouting scale. Martin seems like a pretty polished product who could step into a Major League line-up now, though this might also mean that his upside isn't the moon. I'll agree with the consensus here. Martin will probably be up in 2012, but a September call-up is possible. Given the Rangers issues in center, I wouldn't entirely rule out something sooner than that.

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