Monday, June 13, 2011

N.L. FAAB Log: June 13, 2011

Charlie Blackmon $21.  Other bids: $19, $15, $13, $13, $11, $11, $10, $10, $9, $7
This is about the action I expected for Blackmon.  Having written about him both Friday and several weeks ago, I will not re-hash my thoughts. The bids themselves are fine ($9 and $7, however, are not going to get him), and the winning bid is from the first place team with two players on the disabled list, including Martin Prado.

I wrote about Duke on Friday.  He gets a decent match-up with the Marlins this week, though the Marlins did just beat up on Joe Saunders.  Duke will do okay if he keeps the walks down and keeps the ball in the park. 

I did not write about Dusty Brown this week.  He has a little pop in his bat, but really is not fantasy worthy, even in deep NL-only leagues. The acquisition of Michael McKenry last night pushes Brown to a limited role.

I very briefly wrote about Oeltjen on Friday.  I actually expected a few more, and a few higher, bids than this simple $2 bid.  The playing time is difficult to predict, particularly when your manager says that he wants someone else to win the job (see: Tony Gwynn, Jr.), but Oeltjen is worth a look if you need to fill a hole.

Counsell looks like he is on pace for his typical 250-300 at-bats. Unfortunately, he is also on pace for his usual one or two home runs and 20 runs batted in…there are worse options, however, if you need to fill a hole temporarily.

My initial thoughts on Hand seem to be on-point.  Hand survived in the minors with a relatively low strikeout rate by not giving up home runs.  So far, he has pitched to extreme fly ball numbers with a K/9 under 6.3 and some shoddy defense behind him. He continues to avoid the long ball, but, so far, I would say this is a risky play. This week, it is very risky, as he gets the Rays.

Mike Dunn.  Claimed by the 7th place team.
Dunn is striking out about 11 batters per nine innings. The problems, however, are the walks and the home runs. Dunn is an okay option in 5x5 because of the strikeouts, but the occasional implosion is very likely given the number of free passes.

Tony Gwynn, Jr.  Claimed by the 12th, 10th, 8th, 5th and 1st place teams.
I wrote about Gwynn’s situation extensively on Friday. Gwynn did hit .313 this week, but he has not stolen a base in nearly a month.  The play here is speed; if Gwynn doesn’t run, his value is significantly diminished.

Jason Pridie.  Claimed by the 8th place team.
Pridie only got six at-bats last week and he, like Gwynn, has not stolen a base in a long time.  Pridie is probably not worthy of a roster spot at this point.

Angel Sanchez.  Claimed by the 1st place team.
The return of Jeff Keppinger, even in light of the release of Bill Hall, has resulted in Sanchez seeing a significant loss of playing time.  Or, perhaps, it is merely the end result of Sanchez’ lack of major league skills.  My best guess is that the first place team picked him up in the hope he will contribute some counting stats. My other best guess is that he will not.

Ruben Tejada.  Claimed by 13th, 12th, 10th, 2nd and 1st place teams.
I wrote about Tejada on Friday.  As long as Tejada continues to hit, he will continue to play.  He hit .364 over 22 at-bats last week (though with only one RBI), and he should be someone with value to your team in deep NL-only leagues both this year and potentially next year.

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Hey guys,

A few weeks ago, you had discussed NL west prospects and 1B situation in AZ. Now with the recent comments of AZ GM upgrading within. Can you elaborate on their 1B and LF situations? Parra vs Cowgill/ Miranda vs Goldschmidt.