Monday, June 13, 2011

A.L. FAAB Log: June 13, 2011

Jemile Weeks $27. Other bids: $16, $15, $12, $11, $8, $6, $5, $5.
I profiled Weeks on Friday. He's been terrific thus far, but the winning bid is baffling seeing as it comes from a non-contender. This is a non-keeper price for Weeks and a tough price to trade him at. He's also not guaranteed to stay in the Majors, let alone continue to rack up significant playing time, when Mark Ellis comes off of the DL. I had one of those $5 bids, but I could see how a $10-15 bid could be appropriate depending upon your situation. Anything over $20 is excessive here.

Cord Phelps $9. Other bid: $2.
I was ahead of the curve on this one. Phelps looks like he's going to be on the good side of a platoon with Orlando Cabrera, though it might not be an entirely straight platoon. Phelps needs to get off to a fast start to hold off stronger prospect Jason Kipnis, though Kipnis apparently didn't get the call because he's still working on his defense at second base. Phelps is definitely worth an add right now, though be aware that his ceiling isn't all that high.

Justin Ruggiano $8. Other bids $6, $5, $3.
I closed my eyes, blinked, and next thing I knew Sam Fuld was out and Justin Ruggiano was in in the Rays outfield. Ruggiano had a tremendous week. He's always hit fairly well in the minors but has never had sustained success in the Majors. He's probably just keeping Desmond Jennings' spot warm until Jennings is ready, but Ruggiano should be owned while he's playing. If he's a full-timer, Ruggiano's got 10 HR/15 SB potential, which is more than decent for an A.L.-only outfielder.

Mike Carp $7. Other bid $6.
I profiled Carp on Friday. I thought there'd be much more play for him than this. There was some speculation that Carp might play left field, but thus far he has been DHing. This makes sense. Even if Carp isn't an optimal DH, Jack Cust has struggled and Carp might be a better fit in terms of the Mariners internal options.

Talbot has barely been a passable Major League starter this year. Optimists would point to his horrible start against the Red Sox in late May and say that he's otherwise been OK, but it looks to me like his pedestrian stuff is fooling people less and less the more he sticks around in the Majors. He's got the Tigers this week, but I'm wary and would avoid him.

Al Alburquerque $3. Other bids $2, $1, $1
I profiled Alburquerque on Friday. It was reported over the weekend that he has some tightness in his forearm but it doesn't sound like DL stint will be required.

I wrote about Cobb on June 3. He's been so-so thus far, and looks like a #5 guy right now. A high ground ball rate makes him acceptable, though even so you're probably still looking at a low to mid-4 ERA performance going forward. Cobb is a two-start pitcher this week at Detroit and versus the Marlins. This is a decent wins play for the week.

Danny Worth $2. Other bid $2.
I thought Worth might get some play at third base for the Tigers with Brandon Inge on the DL, but Don Kelly has been starting almost exclusively at the hot corner. Worth's been putting up some great numbers in a part-time role, but the sample size is too small to rely on him even in A.L.-only.

I wrote about Paulino on June 3. Maybe I was a little too excited about Paulino; he didn't look that good against the Angels on Saturday, and the inconsistency that has plagued him throughout his career was evident. The interiors tell me that Paulino's a good gamble, but be aware that he's never had sustained success at any point in the bigs.

Godfrey was always viewed as a second-tier prospect throughout his tenure in the minors, and his Major League debut against the White Sox showed why. He'll stick in the rotation this week against the Royals, but he looks like a poor bet. His control looks decent, but nothing else stands out, and that minor league strikeout rate looks too low to think that Godfrey will succeed in the Majors.

Cervelli's greatest asset is that he plays for the Yankees; giving him more RBI opportunities than most back-up catchers will ever get. Cervelli grabbed a little more playing time than usual this week thanks to a minor Russell Martin back injury, but Cervelli should go back to mostly being on the bench this week. He offers little power or speed and even in A.L.-only is quite the marginal option.

Dinkelman's versatility makes him useful to a Major League team, but his bat doesn't do much for Roto purposes. He offers little in the way of power or speed, and even with the rash of injuries on the Twins isn't playing. Pass.

Janssen's quietly putting up another solid year in middle relief for the Blue Jays. He picked up a save recently, but Jon Rauch looks like he'll get most of the save ops with Frank Francisco struggling. Janssen's value rests in the fact that he's a reliable middle reliever who should provide sneaky value in 5x5.

Hideki Matsui. Claimed by 12th, 9th, 7th and 5th place teams.

J.P. Howell. Claimed by 10th and 3rd place teams.

Jesse Crain. Claimed by 9th, 4th and 3rd place teams.

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