Monday, May 16, 2011

N.L. FAAB Log: May 16, 2011

Fernando Martinez $8.  Other bids: $6, $5, $5, $2, $2.
I wrote a bit about Martinez in the Friday Gear-Up. Martinez is still just 22 years old, but he already feels like a failed prospect.  A combination of rushing to the majors and injuries set Martinez back; the real question is what he can do going forward.  It is not a vote of confidence when your manager says he would have rather brought up another player.  Nonetheless, Martinez did get six at-bats and stroked a home run.  He will be back down once Ike Davis is healthy again, but he can contribute for you.  If you can stash him when he gets sent down, all the better.

Ryan Vogelsong $7.  Other bids: $3, $2.
I also wrote about Vogelsong on Friday.  He pitched well this weekend, and is certainly worth a start against the Dodgers this week.  To say that the Dodgers' lineup, with the exception of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp, is anemic would be an understatement.

Mark DeRosa $6.  Other bids: $5, $5, $4, $1.
I thought DeRosa would get some action this week; it is rare to see a “starter caliber” player come through the free agent pool.  Of course, DeRosa had been awful prior to his injury, and has not had a hit since his return to the lineup.  Nonetheless, with the rash of injuries to Giants infielders, and with Miguel Tejada’s complete lack of offensive or defensive ability, DeRosa will get every opportunity to shake out of the slump and play full time.

Sometimes, relief pitching is about more than strikeouts.  It is about control and location.  Ramirez is all over the control and location, demonstrated by his stellar ERA/WHIP, his out-of-zone swing percentage, his swinging strike rate and his high GB%/low LD%.  Ramirez is not getting any vulture wins, which is unfortunate, but Ramirez has a history of good relief work, so if you need a reliever, this is not a bad place to shop.

Davis made a triumphant return to the big leagues last week.  Unfortunately for him, he has an unfavorable match-up against the streaking Red Sox this coming week.  Really, you hope for the Cubs to score a few runs, Davis to strike out a few batters and just survive.  The GB% and K/9 from his first start are intriguing, but it is too small a sample size to draw any definitive conclusions.

Phillips profiles a little bit better than Rob Johnson from an average perspective, and, sometimes, you just want to try to get some counting stats without hurting yourself in other categories.  Phillips seems to be that play behind the plate.

Speaking of hitters that can hurt you in particular categories, Blanco certainly profiles better than Phillips from a power perspective.  Just be prepared to eat a tremendously bad average; his decent average days seem to be gone.

The Braves continue to pile up injuries, and Mather is now here to help.  Well, “help” might be a relative term.  He has a little pop in his bat and he can steal the stray base.  Ignore the average and take the counting stats; this is not your worst free agent option.

Year to year, we write about Counsell; the story never changes.  He plays everywhere, he has a little pop and he is never your worst free agent option.  He is only carrying a .552 OPS and is not really playing much, but if you absolutely need at-bats, there are worse places to look.

Another in the “Braves injury fill-in” parade.  2010 is about the best you will get from Conrad (8/33/5/.250), but, in terms of free agents, this is pretty good.  Conrad will see some additional time with Chipper Jones out of the lineup.  With the rash of injuries at third base, Conrad is a decent fill-in.

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