Monday, May 16, 2011

A.L. FAAB Log: May 16, 2011

Carlos Peguero $8. Other bids: $8, $5, $3, $2, $2.
I wrote about Peguero in early May. It looks like Peguero and Mike Wilson are going to split time in the outfield for Seattle. Peguero probably has the higher ceiling, though as I pointed out previously his high K rate might make him a big league bust. Peguero's definitely worth grabbing though if you need to gamble on the power and are willing to suck up the potentially bad batting average.

Jesse Litsch $6. Other bid $1.
I wrote about Litsch in this week's Gearing Up on Friday.

Endy Chavez $6. Other bids: $2, $2, $1.
With the entire Rangers Opening Day outfield on the DL, Chavez finally got the call. The 33-year-old journeyman was knocked out mid-year in 2010 with a torn ACL but was running at AAA, going 6-for-6 in steal attempts. It sounds like Chavez is going to be on the good side of a platoon with Craig Gentry, so for the next two weeks at least needs to be owned as a potential steals play.

Jamey Wright $2. Other bids $2, $1.
Brandon League's struggles this past week have led to a lot of discussion circling around Pauley and Wright, two possible short-term replacements while League gets his act together. Wright is the guy who seems to be the Mariners second choice at the moment with Pauley behind him. Neither reliever is all that appealing unless its definite he'll be getting all of the saves going forward, but then League isn't all that appealing right now either. I'd take a flier on either Wright or Pauley right now, but be aware that Wright is probably next in line as I write this, not Pauley.

Andy Dirks $4. Other bids $4, $3, $2.
Dirks doesn't come close to resembling a big-time prospect, but he's one of those players who has a great work ethic and as a result will at the very least carve himself out a career as a 4th outfielder. The rash of injuries in the Tigers outfield put Dirks in line for some playing time, and he'll probably be on the good side of a platoon with Casper Wells while Magglio Ordonez is out. Dirks had 6 HR and 10 SB for Toledo and could become this year's Brennan Boesch: someone who quickly gets written off and then is productive his first go round through the league. Then again, Dirks could turn into the Post All-Star Boesch: the guy who falls off the map and can't get the job done against Major League pitching. Reports say that Jim Leyland loves this guy, which means that Dirks should play while he's up.

Vinnie Pestano $2. Other bid $1.
Pestano has been extremely solid in the Indians pen and has probably moved up in the pecking order (along with Tony Sipp) should Chris Perez get hurt or have a meltdown. That doesn't look likely at the moment, but the same could have been said about League one week ago.

With Scott Sizemore in the fold, Santiago's playing time has been cut, though not drastically so. Still, he needs to be playing almost every day to provide decent value; he doesn't have enough power or speed to be a Roto asset if he isn't getting 5-6 starts a week up the middle.

Mike Wilson $1.
Peguero seems to have more upside than Wilson, but Wilson has put up some pretty good power numbers in the minors the last 2-3 seasons himself. Wilson's problem is that he's 27 years old and approaching the non-prospect zone where careers go to die or languish in AAA. There is opportunity here, though, so Wilson might mash low double-digit home runs. Like Peguero, though, Wilson is a guy who could really sting your batting average if he plays too much.

Chatwood appears to be on a roll in his last two starts, but he's still doing it with smoke and mirrors. A K/9 under 4 with a walk rate over 5 spells disaster. Chatwood was probably picked up because he's a projected two-start pitcher this week. His first start at Oakland seems easy; his second start against the Braves seems hard.

For all waiver claim write-ups, please see last week's Gearing Up.

Felix Pie. Claimed by 12th, 9th, 7th, 3rd (tie) and 2nd place teams.

John McDonald. Claimed by 11th place team.

Tim Collins. Claimed by 6th and 1st place teams.

Luke Hughes. Claimed by 5th and 2nd place teams.

Jack Wilson. Claimed by 3rd (tie) place team.

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