Monday, May 02, 2011

N.L. FAAB Log: May 1, 2011

Fernando Salas $16.  Other bids: $12, $8, $7.
This is a very aggressive, and likely unwarranted, bid on Salas.  I wrote about this situation earlier today.  LaRussa certainly is true to his word: he has used Ryan Franklin, Mitchell Boggs, Eduardo Sanchez and Salas as closer in the past two weeks.  He used Boggs in the 7th inning the other night to get some key outs, and I think the bullpen by committee will continue.  Salas has been pretty good as a reliever, and has good stuff, so there is no reason not to add him if you have an opening and could use a few saves.  I do not think, however, that Salas will hold the job long term.

Emmanuel Burriss $8. Other bids: $4.
I am surprised that Burriss did not get more activity this week in our league.  As I wrote about on Friday, Burriss should get some regular at-bats while Pablo Sandoval and Mark DeRosa are on the disabled list.  If Burriss gets regular at-bats, he should get some regular steals as well.

Vicente Padilla $8.  Other bids: $6, $2, $1.
Mike wrote about the Dodger closer situation this weekend.  It appears that Jonathan Broxton will remain the closer…for now.  Padilla got one save last week, and Kenley Jansen got sent down, so the only other possibility for saves is Hong-Chih Kuo.  Twitter tells me that he does not have any stuff yet.  It is not a bad idea to put Padilla on the roster.

Vance Worley $5.  Other bids: $1.
Worley threw up a nice start in place of Joe Blanton, and will remain on the roster for the short term.  Worley is a decent prospect, and really is what he is at this point in his career…a solid #4/#5 starter.  He has the potential to get a little better than that with experience.  The Phillies are about to hit a tough part of the schedule…bid with caution with Worley.
Johnson was getting some playing time last week while Carlos Pena rested on the bench, but, with Pena back in the lineup and the Cubs’ outfield (Marlon Byrd, Kosuke Fukudome and Alfonso Soriano) humming along, Johnson will likely see very few at-bats.
Paul will get some at-bats here and there in a crowded Pirates line-up.  He will provide a stray steal now and again (despite his big game, he is hitting about the Mendoza line for his career), but do not expect much from him.
Pearce looked like he was headed for the minors last week, and then went on a mini-hot streak.  Unfortunately, with the addition of Brandon Wood and Xavier Paul, and with Pedro Alvarez and Lyle Overbay starting to pick it up, his at-bats will likely be few and far between.
Navarro is fresh off the disabled list and now healthy enough to back up Rod Barajas.  Navarro brings the opportunity for some home runs in his role as back-up and is a decent Catcher-2 option.
Loe has been brilliant out of the pen to date, and I have mentioned his name a few times over the past few weeks.  He is striking out a batter an inning, and is in a bullpen position to pick up some vulture wins.  Two caveats: one, he is not really in a position to get saves with John Axford pitching well, and, two, he is walking a couple too many hitters.

Daniel Moskos $1.
The 4th pick in the 2007 draft, Moskos finally makes it to the major leagues.  Of course, it is as a likely mop-up reliever, but, heck, he got here.  The bidder here is a Pirates fan, so we’ll let him have his day. 

Waiver Claims: Chris Volstad, Scott Hairston, Mark Kotsay.

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