Sunday, May 01, 2011

Broxton vs. Padilla

A quick follow-up to my N.L. closer piece. Gypsy Soul wanted to know if he should drop Jonathan Broxton for Vicente Padilla based on my comment.

Wait, what did I say again?
Reports yesterday said that Jonathan Broxton was out as the closer, with Vicente Padilla replacing him. Reports immediately after that said, not so fast, Broxton's still closer. Then Padilla gets a save today. What? Turns out Broxton just needed a break. Then it turns out Broxton had a sore elbow. I'd grab Padilla if he's available. Even if Broxton avoids the DL, his velocity is down, the whiffs are down, and he hasn't looked good. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Broxton doesn't crack 15 saves this year.
I wrote this on Wednesday night. On Friday, Broxton got an ugly save for the Dodgers, with Padilla setting him up. Broxton's velocity was still down, and he needed a great catch by Tony Gwynn Jr. to save his bacon.

I'd definitely grab Padilla if he's out there. But I wouldn't drop Broxton just yet.

The Dodgers are probably as nervous as Broxton owners are, but I think they're going to try to go with Broxton for as long as they possibly can. Moreover, while Padilla might be the first option for the Dodgers out of the pen, he might not be the man closing when the curtain closes on 2011. 

It's a tough call, but I'd keep the guy who is getting saves now. If you have Broxton, try to trade your worst pitcher for a need elsewhere and grab Padilla. But don't just throw Broxton overboard for Padilla if you can avoid it.

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Toz said...

I agree Mike - I think there is something physically wrong with Broxton (forgetting anything mentally wrong), but it is not time to waive him just yet. As long as he is healthy, the Dodgers are going to try and keep him closing.