Friday, September 03, 2010

They Should Have Been Claimed

OK, OK. After reading Gypsy Soul's explanation, it sounds like someone toward the bottom of the standings should have claimed Curtis Granderson and Victor Martinez.

Gypsy's league doesn't have FAAB. This problem would have been eliminated fairly easily if his league did use FAAB. If the 4th place team (in this example), bought both players, then the other contenders would have no one to blame but themselves: either for spending too much of their money early, or for not bidding aggressively enough.

If you still don't want to play with FAAB (believe it or not, some leagues don't), then the next best thing I'd recommend is one of two options:

1) Maximum of one waiver claim/week. If you only allow one waiver claim a week, then it's incredibly unlikely that a team in the middle of the standings will simply be able to pick off all of the best players who were dropped that week.

2) Treat free agency like a "draft." Allow teams to pick up players in inverse order of the standings, but after the teams at the bottom get a player, everyone else gets a shot to grab at least one player before the teams at the bottom get another shot. In Gypsy's example, this means that the team that got Granderson and Martinez would only have picked up one, and the next highest team in the standings that wanted the other would have grabbed him.

The bigger problem here, though, is that it seems to me that the teams at the bottom of Gypsy's league aren't interested in the league anymore. This dovetails nicely with my next post.

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Gypsy Soul said...

Hey Mike, I failed to provide all the relevant info though I think your conclusion is correct. We have a one waiver per week limit and we go inverse order to pick up weekly free agents. What I failed to explain, my apologies, is that they were picked up in two different weeks. I also failed to explain that I am higher up in the standings so didnt have a shot and I think I was out of waiver claims. Until later. Carter