Monday, September 20, 2010

A.L. FAAB Log: September 20, 2010

Jarrod Dyson $12. Other bids: $9, $6.
Dyson's a non-prospect whose lone skill is blazing foot speed. He's worth a pick-up in A.L.-only leagues if you have the slot because he is playing semi-regularly for the Royals and already has three steals. If you're making a keeper bid, though, it's hard to see Dyson as more than a 5th OF/pinch runner type in 2011 and beyond.

Rich Thompson $6.
Thompson has been solid out of the pen for the Halos, but he has barely pitched in September. This move was made by a contender trying to protect his ERA/WHIP (his wins are safe). If you're looking for stats and not zeros, avoid Thompson.

Josh Wilson $5.
Wilson is an OK-field, no-hit SS for the Mariners. He is getting some playing time, but doesn't offer enough to make worth adding even in an A.L.-only league.

Robert Andino $4. Other bids: $2, $2.
After a terrible year as an infield fill-in for the Orioles last year, Andino spent all of this year in the minors prior to his September call-up. His numbers at AAA seem to indicate that he's just swinging for the fences a lot and hoping he gets noticed. The approach has worked for him so far in Baltimore, so Andino is certainly worth considering if you have a hole. However, just because Andino picked up a lot of AB last week doesn't mean he's guaranteed anything going forward.

Jake McGee $1.
McGee was one of the best pitching prospects in the game before TJ surgery shelved him in 2008. He didn't come back until 2009 and didn't pitch well at all. However, McGee bounced back in a big way this year: first at AA as a starter then at AAA in the pen. He's up with the Rays now in the bullpen, and that's how they'll use him down the stretch. Long term, I'd guess McGee will wind up as a reliever, but obviously nothing is certain. This is the kind of player you should be taking a flier on for 2011 if you're out of contention and your league's rules allow it.

Scot Shields $1.
Shields is out for the rest of the year. He was picked up by an owner way ahead in wins and trying to protect his ERA/WHIP 

Mike Gonzalez. Claimed by 12th and 11th place teams.
Gonzalez was signed by the Orioles to close this year, but an injury k.o.'ed him early and then Gonzalez was out-pitched by Koji Uehara. Gonzalez is currently setting Uehara up and doesn't have much value in the Orioles pen. He's owed a lot of money by the O's and I suppose could wind up closing next year, but nothing is etched in stone.

Luke French. Claimed by 9th place team.
French continues to go out there with his pedestrian stuff, throw strikes, and do a passable job as a result of good luck and avoiding the walk. He's a two-start pitcher this week, but with road games at Toronto and Tampa on tap, is a very dangerous play.

Brandon Wood. Claimed by 7th place team.
Wood hit a HR this past week, but the silver linings in this black cloud are few and far between. He's not ancient at 25, but Wood looks like he's going to be one of those can't miss prospects that simply missed.

Michael Kirkman. Claimed by 1st place (tie) team.
Kirkman continues to provide strong ERA/WHIP in a middle relief role for the Rangers. He's not being used much in any win, save, or hold situations, but looks like a good ERA/WHIP hedge if you're trying to save the category at this late juncture.

John McDonald. Claimed by 1st place (tie) team.
Once again, McDonald finds him way back to the first place team's roster. It's not a good sign if you're a contender and have to own John McDonald, but he does have six HR and every time I write something bad about him he seems to produce. Still, he's not a strong option even in A.L.-only leagues.

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