Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010 N.L. Hitter Busts: Non Top-10

As we head toward the end of another season, I continue to look at the players who were disappointments, but not quite the biggest disappointments in Roto. Up this time, National League hitters.

2010 11th-20th Biggest Losses, N.L. Hitters (as of 9/19)

11Lance Berkman$10$24-14

12Carlos Beltran$4$18-14

13Mark Reynolds$17$30-13

14Everth Cabrera$3$16-12

15Manny Ramirez$11$23-12

16Brad Hawpe$7$18-11

17Ryan Howard$26$37-11

18Justin Upton$23$34-11

19Kaz Matsui-$2$8-10

20Aramis Ramirez$15$25-10




Compared to the American League list, this group of hitters has a few of the injury risk/older players that I'd expect to see here. The market went a little wild compared to what the group earned last year, but only a little...Reynolds, Hawpe and Matsui get pay cuts, and given Upton's speed, even his price doesn't seem that outlandish.

Berkman and Beltran jump out here. I remember the uncertainly surrounding both players during Spring Training and had a bad feeling about both of them (I bought Beltran in CBS, but this was in early February). Between these two and Ian Kinsler in the American League, perhaps it is time to reassess how we evaluate injured players and perhaps start shaving more money off of their prices.

I can't say I'm surprised to see anyone on this list. Most of these hitters fit the profile of players the market was more excited about than I was. I'm in three N.L.-only leagues this year, and the only hitter here that I bought in any of my leagues was Beltran. Prices evolve, though, and once the season got closer the health reports started freaking me out, making me wish I hadn't. CBS is the league I have the best chance of winning right now, and Beltran is probably going to be the difference between me winning and losing. Nuts.

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