Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010 N.L. Pitcher Bargains: Non-Top 10 Division

I thought I'd try and finish this series before it got away from me. This is the final installment; the first three parts of the series can be found here, here, and here.

It is difficult to complete this kind of analysis with pitchers. Just like in the American League, there are not that many non-Top 10 bargains who were bargains of $10 or more.

2010 11th-20th Best Profits, N.L. Pitchers (as of 9/12)

11Bronson Arroyo$16$5+11

12Ubaldo Jimenez$30$20+11

13Sean Marshall$12$1+11

14Luke Gregerson$13$2+10

15Billy Wagner$27$17+10

16Adam Kennedy$16$6+10

17Jon Garland$13$3+10

18Clayton Richard$15$5+9

19Hideki Kuroda$19$10+9

20Joel Hanrahan$10$1+9




The pitchers who fall in this group can hardly be called underpaid, either. A $1 pay cut per pitcher is hardly skimping, particularly when you consider that middle relievers like Gregerson, Hanrahan, and Marshall are: a) a dime a dozen and b) hard to predict coming into the season.

If you asked me how to define someone who shouldn't be a surprise, it is someone that we think was paid the right amount and not only has outperformed the market value this year, but outperformed his market value last year as well. To that end, Arroyo and Garland jump out as pitchers who should have been paid more.

There is always a lot of hand wringing when it comes to Garland, but he generally manages to put up OK if not spectacular earnings. Arroyo is a pitcher no one trusts but like Garland he somehow manages to have the stats at the end of the year.

The point of reviewing these lists isn't to simply look back at what happened but rather to look forward at what you can do differently next year. Guys like Arroyo and Garland are hardly sexy options, but you need guys like this to win...and if the league gives you a buying opportunity on these types of pitchers, you should take it.

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