Sunday, July 04, 2010

N.L. FAAB Log: The Independence Day Edition

Bud Norris $14.  Norris had a nice start this past week.  I wrote about Norris here, and, to be honest, not much has changed.  While this bid is way too aggressive given the ERA/WHIP, Norris is striking out over a batter per inning and has a 2-0 record with a 0.69 ERA against his next opponent, the Cardinals.  If you can stomach the potential ERA/WHIP issues, Norris looks like a good one week match-up.

Travis Wood $10.  Other bid: $5.  Mike just wrote about Wood in great detail this week, not once, but twice. This bid is a keeper bid, but what is surprising is the lack of bidding activity on Wood.  Perhaps everyone else in the league also believes he will be sent down next week, but it doesn't justify two bids in a 13 team league.

Brandon Hicks $9.  Aaron Hicks might deserve a $9 bid.  Brandon Hicks does not.  While Hicks brings some speed to the table (the power he showed in the minors in 2008 just doesn't seem to be there anymore), he barely plays and is a poor option even in the deepest NL-only league.

Gregor Blanco $6.  Other bid: $1.  Blanco is having a nice year for the Braves so far, even though it is in 40 ABs. He's no All-Star like Omar Infante, but he is starting fairly consistently over the past week, and Cox will continue to put him out there and give guys a rest so long as Blanco continues to produce. He is a low end option in NL-only leagues.

Josh Thole $4. Other bid: $2. Thole is a prospect, but a low-end one. He is not very good defensively, and has very little power.  He does put his bat on the ball, but he projects as a back-up. If he gets regular ABs, there should be some batting average contribution, but little else to speak of that will help your team.

Barry Enright $4.  Another non-prime-time prospect, Enright had a fairly successful Major League debut this past week. Enright projects as a low end of the rotation innings-eater. The key to his success is control, and his command over the past couple of years in the minors has been very good, despite the low K rate. If he can keep people off base, the home runs he gives up will be relatively harmless. He's not a bad guy to take a look at in N.L.-only leagues.

Travis Ishikawa $3.  Other bid: $1. When Ishikawa has been able to get ABs, he has hit.  9/39/2/.261 in 326 ABs is not necessarily what you want from a corner infielder, but with Bengie Molina out from behind the plate and Buster Posey moving there from first, Ishikawa will get a chance to demonstrate what he can do. Look for a boost in ABs over the next few weeks, at least until the Giants decide whether they want to try and make a trade.

Kameron Loe $3.  Other bid: $0.  Loe is back in the majors for his first stint since 2008. So far, so good for Loe: he is sporting an ERA/WHIP well under 1.00. I anticipate that Loe will stay in the bullpen and not make the rotation. I also do not anticipate that he will pick up any saves, but in a deep N.L.-only league that rewards middle relievers, Loe is probably a must pick-up at this point.

Rodrigo Lopez $2.  I wrote about Lopez back in May. His FIP is a little high, but his xFIP of 4.82 is not terribly out of line with his 4.43 ERA. The real problem with Lopez is that he just isn't winning games, and his interiors are just not good enough to justify owning him.

Donnie Murphy $2. Murphy will come in and serve as the new Marlins utility infielder. Murphy has a little pop in his bat, but does not make consistent enough contact (and will not get enough ABs) to warrant a spot on your roster.

Clay Hensley $1.  Other bid: $1.  I wrote about Hensley back in May. Back from the DL, Hensley will go back to his set-up role. Expect a very nice strikeout rate but very little else from Hensley.

Miguel Cairo $1.  Cairo will continue to spot start in a variety of positions. He's put up a few stats in 90+ ABs, but is really just filler if you have an open spot to fill.  His best asset is positional flexibility.

Tyler Greene $1.  Other bid: $0.  I am not sure that Tyler Greene is the answer to the Cardinals' utility problem, but it seems to me that the Brendan Ryan experiment may be over now that Greene has been in the lineup for three consecutive games.  There is a little bit of pop there, but over extended ABs, Greene could do more to hurt than help.

Greg Dobbs $1. Dobbs is having a terrible year in the field, and an equally terrible year at the plate.  If the Phillies were healthy, Dobbs would never have come back from the minors, which is where he belongs. Even in light of the Polanco/Utley injuries, Dobbs has shown nothing to warrant additional playing time as of today.

Dane Sardinha $0.  Sardinha has tried to help Phillies fans forget about Carlos Ruiz' injury for a week or two.  He has hit three home runs already. At this point, if you need a backup catcher, you should ride the hot hand, particularly if you can get him for a $0 bid.  He'll likely get a DFA for his troubles in a week or two.

Jason Michaels $0. Michaels has five home runs in less than 100 ABs, and he will continue to provide some pop off the bench as he spells the Astros' superstars in the outfield (whoops, forgot to turn off the sarcasm meter). Frankly, you could do worse if you are desperate to fill an outfield slot.

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