Sunday, June 27, 2010

N.L. FAAB Log Supplemental: Madison Bumgarner

Now that Mike has chastised me for missing Drew Storen (who I did miss and for which I should be rightly chastised), I will not make the same mistake twice.  Welcome to the blog, Madison Bumgarner.

We all know who Bumgarner is, so I won't waste time with the resume.  The strengths are keeping the ball in the park and keeping guys off base via the walk.  The worries: inconsistent velocity, big drop-off in K-rate in AA, better K rate in AAA but looking a lot more hittable.

The Red Sox will give Bumgarner's command a real test tonight, but, as a general proposition, he is in a good park and is in a good division.  Getting Bumgarner will be difficult in your league; the bottom feeders will be putting mid-to high-teens bids in on Bumgarner, but your higher-up teams in need of wins and interiors will be looking into the $35-$40 range to secure Bumgarner for the rest of the season.  He should be owned in all NL-only leagues, and may be one of the last impact pitchers to come into the league from the minors this year.

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