Sunday, June 27, 2010

N.L. FAAB Log: June 28, 2010

Chris Nelson $6.  Nelson was the 9th overall selection in the 2004 draft.  He was still in single A in 2007, and then he suffered a broken hamate bone in 2008 and a fractured wrist in 2009.  This is a crowded situation in the middle infield, but Nelson does have the ability to pop a few home runs and swipe a few bases.  There really is no long term future for Nelson, but it is unlikely very many better middle infielders will show up in the free agent pool.

Mike Morse $5.  Other bids: $0.  Morse is up to a whopping 46 ABs in 25 games.  He does carry some pop in his bat, but if you need his help in these limited ABs, you have a lot of other big issues to deal with in your league.

Brooks Conrad $2.  Not much has changed since I wrote about Conrad here.  There is a chance he could get a few more ABs while swinging a hot bat, but, again, if you need Brooks on your squad, you could already be in a lot of trouble.

Dontrelle Willis $1.  Willis has proven to be the risk I predicted here.  He will continue to be a D-Train-Wreck.

Yorvit Torrealba $1.  Other bids: $1.  Torrealba was a surprising waiver in our league. He's not much more than a part-time player at this point, but he is a pretty good second catcher alternative in deep NL-only leagues.  You could do a lot worse at this stage of the season in the FA pool.

Luis Atilano $1.  Atilano walks too many hitters and is too hittable.  Of course, after I predict his disaster several weeks ago, he goes out and puts up a 6-4 record for the Nationals...without significant run support for most of those starts.  I continue to believe that there will be significant regression, and his 5.19xFIP backs that up.

Joe Beimel $0.  Ah, Joe Beimel...he just keeps on pitching well.  His K-rate does not suggest continued success, but his GB% is way up from last year.  If he keeps that up, he'll continue to succeed, but his success is really meaningless when it comes to saves or enough innings to matter for ERA/WHIP.

Ryan Webb $0.  If you haven't heard of Ryan Webb, I'm not surprised...he is buried in the best bullpen in the majors.  This 24 year old has no hope of seeing a save anytime in the near future, but his interior numbers to date are very, very good.

Tomorrow - Jason Castro supplemental.

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