Wednesday, March 14, 2007


These types of articles always make me spit up whatever it is I'm drinking.

I desperately want to find the league where Matt Garza, Baseball America's 21st best prospect on their
Top 100 Prospects List is a "sleeper". Or Jason Bartlett, a guy who earned $12 last year in little over half a season. How is Ryan Shealy a sleeper? He has the job and played half a season in the majors last year.

From this entire list (not including the "deep sleepers" at the bottom), I'd say that Al Reyes is probably the only one I'd call a sleeper. Anyone you're going to spend $4 or more on really isn't much of a sleeper that point, at least one other owner thinks enough of the player to be bidding against you.

Even the deep sleeper list is kind of funny. Ryan Garko a deep sleeper? The guy smoked the ball over two months last year in the majors. If anything, I think he'll go for too much.

If I remember, I'm going to re-visit this post after my A.L. auction in April, and see what these "sleepers" went for.

And I'm going to see if I can't get into one of these leagues Aaron Gleeman is talking about where these guys are considered sleepers.


mike fenger said...

It has always seemed to me that these lists are geared towards stage two leagues -- and any player in a stage three league has our response to these lists, that we look for even deeper sleepers.

The opposite happens as well -- I know I tend to get more excited about marginal guys whom I think will (possibly) get 300 productive ABs, and write about them at various sites without even commenting on Carlos Lee, or even Omar Vizquel. With folks who play in 12-team ML Yahoo leagues wondering what the hell I'm talking about . . .

Mike Gianella said...

Are there really Stage 2 leagues left? Everyone I talk to, even people who have only been playing for 2-3 years, seems to have a Stage 3 mentality about Roto. Part of the problem I have is that even the weaker owners in my leagues all know the same things that I do in terms of valuation and bid limits.

If I'm wrong and there are some Stage 2 leagues floating around out there, I'm dying to know.

Toz said...

I'm in line with Mike G. on this one. I think that everyone has access to exactly the same information at this point. The difference, and one of the reasons I think this blog will be successful, is the application of those valuations and bid limits and the theories from which those applications derive.

I would love to find a Stage II league - hook me up!!!