Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Rumor

The Pirates are peddling Mike Gonzalez. The most common rumors are Coco Crisp and Melky Cabrera.

I think Melky will be a solid but not great major league OF. The New York Yankees fan hype machine thinks more of Melky than most. I'd be shocked to see him crack a 900 OPS at his peak, and that's probably what he'd need to do to be a standout OF long term. I lean toward Melky over Coco at this point, though Coco might have a better year next year than Melky.


Big Guy said...

If Gonzalez is traded, looking at the Bucs current roster, who would be the leading candidate for Saves? Capps? Torres? Marte? Any truth to a rumor the Phils are interested in Gonzalez?

Toz said...

Looking at the Pirates current situation, I would think that Torres has the inside track on the job. This could be a situation, however, where more than one "closer" gets saves in this pen. I would stick with Torres as the best bet, but watch out for Marte. If Gonzalez stays in Pittsburgh, however, he is your man.