Monday, April 05, 2010

Tout Wars Spending: N.L. Edition

After looking at the A.L. Tout Wars spending versus 2009 A.L. hitter earnings, I thought I'd do the same thing in the National League.

2010 A.L. Tout Wars Prices vs. 2009 A.L. Earnings
(average per player)


Tier #1$36

Tier #2$27$27

Tier #3$23$22

Tier #4$19$19

Tier #5$17$16

Tier #6$15$14

Tier #7$13$12

Tier #8$10$10

Tier #9$8$8

Tier #10$6$6

Tier #11$4$5

Tier #12$3$2

Tier #13$1$0

Tier #14$1-$0


My instincts had told me that the top hitters went too cheap, resulting in a price bump somewhere in the middle. The numbers tell us it's not so, though, with the top hitters actually getting overpaid $1 per player on average. There isn't a big jump anywhere on the list, as no tier of hitters (13 hitters per tier) get more than $1 raise from last season.

This is somewhat misleading, though. Albert Pujols got a $5 pay cut from what he earned last year, while a number of other hitters got raises. Chase Utley ($4 raise), David Wright ($6), Justin Upton ($4), Pablo Sandoval ($4), Ryan Zimmerman ($5), and Jimmy Rollins ($7) all got big pay increases from last year. I'm a proponent for paying top dollar for the best players, but these are some pretty big pay spikes across the board.

Unlike the A.L., the top players definitely got paid in the N.L., even if you don't believe that the right players got paid. We will see how well these plays pan out as the season goes along, but the N.L. matched Tout Wars A.L. trend and skimped on the pitchers. I prefer the play in the N.L. If you're going to overpay, do so at the top of the hitting pool, not in the middle or bottom.

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