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September Call-Ups (and Call Backs): National League

Today is the first part of a two-part series where I look at some of the deeper options in N.L. and A.L.-only leagues that you might - or might not - want to consider adding to your line-up. I'll start with the N.L. today and finish with the A.L. tomorrow.

Abreu was designated for assignment after the Dodgers acquired Shane Victorino from the Phillies. While some wags will quickly point out that Victorino (255/318/382) isn't doing much better than Abreu did (244/345/337), the Dodgers aren't going to hand Abreu the starting left field job back any time soon. Abreu is a nice fourth outfielder in real life, but isn't going to hold a lot of fantasy value caddying the Dodgers' Big Three

Berkman could carve out some sneaky, Jim Thome like value as a pinch hitting only option, but these aren't the kind of bets that win championships. Let someone else gamble here.

Bloomquist was activated off of the DL, but his back is still acting up on him. He went back to Arizona for another injection, but there are no guarantees. Even if Bloomquist does return, it's doubtful he'll run that much because of the back ailment. I'd avoid him.

Filthy stuff, moderate control issues in the minors, big time control issues in the Majors. Boxberger might be a future closer, but he'll never get there if he can't keep the walks down.

Campana is a good N.L.-only play if you have to gamble on stolen bases. Even in limited playing time, Campana could steals 5-6 bases this month if everything breaks right. He is fast.

Collmenter has been surprisingly strong out of the bullpen for the Snakes after an awful start to 2012 as a starter. While he has been an asset to the Diamondbacks, his Roto usefulness out of the pen is limited. He won't close - he isn't even next in line to close - and he doesn't whiff enough guys to provide that 5x5 yummy middle relief goodness we all crave when we're tired of having our ERAs destroyed by sucky starters.

He's a poor man's Tony Campana. No, wait...he's an impoverished version of Campana. Constanza has a little speed, but not enough to pick up even in the deepest of formats.

Both of these Braves farmhands are interesting next year plays (perhaps), but with the Braves in the heat of the wild card race both Delgado and Teheran are up to pitch in relief, not start. Pick them up only if you're playing for 2013.

Middle reliever that fits the Boxberger profile: high strikeouts, high walks, won't go far unless/until he gets a handle on the command issues. He's a poor CIW play because Jon Papelbon is signed for something like eight billion dollars over the next 97 years.

Familia's overall Triple-A numbers look terrible, but he struggled with his command early and actually improved as the season went along. For a 22-year-old in the high minors, Familia was fairly decent. He's a complete waste if you're playing for the here and now, but if you can stash Familia as a minor leaguer right now, I'd do so. He intrigues me, particularly if the Mets decide to move him to the pen.

Remember when the season started, and Federowicz was a sleeper because people thought A.J. Ellis was going to fall flat on his face. You too? Phew, I thought I was the only one.

No. Huff's career is over. Why the Giants continue to carry him is a mystery.

See Saturday's Gearing Up.

At some point John Lannan is going to replace Steven Strasburg in the Nationals rotation and someone is going to talk about what a good wins play John Lannan could be. Maybe so, but he has pitched poorly in the minors, has poor peripherals in his two big league starts and is a big risk to your ERA and WHIP if you're contending.

Martinez was an Opening Day starter for the Astros but is now firmly planted to the bench. He has some pop but if he's going to emerge in any way, shape, or form it's highly unlikely to happen in the homestretch. 

Mesoraco probably should have been given a more legitimate opportunity to start at the beginning of the season, but man oh man has he been dreadful this year. I suppose you should grab him if he's available and you're rebuilding, but it is hard to see him as a $10 keep for next year.

Like Familia, Miller struggled early this year and then picked up the pace as the year went along. Unlike Familia, Miller has been absolutely dominant over his last few starts and was a top pitching prospect entering 2012. Miller has reestablished his prospect bonafides and if you're in a dumb league where someone might look at the ERA and jump ship, I strongly recommend grabbing Miller for the future.

It is unlikely that Nady is going to cobble together anything decent, but he has Gregor Blanco in front of him, not Matt Holliday. Nady could get some PT together if he puts up any kind of run and could provide some sneaky N.L.-only value.

Navarro has some power, but is only up to provide depth for the Reds in September as their third catcher.

My prediction for Peguero was pretty much spot on. He is not playing, and expanded rosters aren't going to lead to additional playing time for Peguero any time soon.

If you want the perfect combination of future prospect and guy who could produce this year, then Peralta is your guy. Like Miller, his numbers don't look good, but like Miller, Peralta struggled early and then emerged late. He doesn't quite have the pedigree that Miller has, but he could still be a solid #2 or #3 starter if everything breaks right. Grab him if he's out there.

Pill is yet another in a long line of Giants call ups that shouldn't produce much value. Their bench is extremely deep.

Presley looked like a limited stolen base option off of the bench for the Pirates...until news of Travis Snider's hamstring injury in tonight's game. Presley could step into the line-up and pick up regular at bats if Snider is going to miss any time. If you're in a league with daily moves, you might want to pick up Presley now.

Like J.D. Martinez, Schafer was once a starter for the Astros and now is on their bench. He has intriguing speed, but Campana is a better bench play in N.L.-only.

There was a fair amount of talk that the Phillies would give Schierholtz a long look to see if he fit into their plans as a platoon outfielder, but wiser heads in the organization prevailed so Schierholtz is the Phillies fourth OF instead. He doesn't hold very much fantasy value in that role.

See here. Skaggs has been even better than I thought he would be. He looks like a pretty polished product, and while I'd still agree with the consensus that Trevor Bauer has a higher ceiling, Skaggs is helping teams now. If you were waiting in a mixed league to pick up Skaggs, don't wait any longer.

Valdespin is on the Mets bench, but they will probably want to see him at a lot of positions to see if he's a viable utility option in 2013. He has enough power/speed to justify a pick-up in N.L.-only.

Wang could start for the Nationals in a pinch but he probably won't. I wouldn't even touch him in N.L.-only.

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