Monday, August 13, 2012

N.L. FAAB Log: August 13, 2012

Jim Henderson $38. Other bids $11, $10, $8, $5, $3, $0.
Salary cap considerations put Henderson out of reach for all of the contenders save one (though a second contender had Dale Thayer ahead of Henderson on his pecking order...see below). Henderson was profiled in Friday's Gearing Up. He could wind up closing the rest of the way, but Kameron Loe got the save today after Henderson was shaky in a non-save situation on Saturday. I don't trust anyone in this bullpen right now, even while conceding that Henderson still could take the job and run with it.

Dale Thayer $21. Other bid $8.
The lack of bids here make me think that the market doesn't have a lot of confidence in Thayer or believes that Huston Street will be back in a couple of weeks. Either way, this is a pretty conservative bid pattern for Thayer, who probably will at least get a chance to close with Street out. While Thayer's numbers have fallen apart after a quick start in April/May, saves are saves. The drop in K/9 does concern me, so if you can handcuff Thayer to Luke Gregerson in N.L.-only, you might want to do so.

Jean Segura $17. Other bids $16, $12, $7, $7, $3.
Segura was also profiled in Friday's Gearing Up. He's off to a slow start in the bigs, though he had a nice day on Sunday. Some steals would be nice.

Brandon Barnes $16
Barnes is the definition of organizational filler, but given how bad the Astros roster is, Barnes could see significant playing time. He has a the moderate power/good speed combination that could make him a Roto asset if he plays regularly. This bid is too high, but at this point in the year some teams have FAAB to burn and it quickly becomes use it or lose it time.

Ben Francisco $10. Other bids $1, $0, $0
Francisco is part of the Astros outfield rotation, but looks likely to lose time to Barnes and Fernando Martinez. He needs to play everyday to make any kind of dent even in N.L.-only.

Erik Kratz $7. Other bids $3, $1.
Kratz was also profiled in Friday's Gearing Up. As long as he continues to mash, the Phillies will play him over Brian Schneider. As mentioned Friday, Kratz is worth a look in all two catcher formats.

Gregor Blanco $5. Other bids $0, $0.
Blanco is a low-level speed option, but with the acquisition of Hunter Pence is buried on the Giants bench.

Edward Mujica $1
Mujica is a serviceable middle reliever in real life. In Roto, he's a borderline buy this year because of the reduced strikeouts. You can do better in the free agent pool.

Kameron Loe $1
The Brewers next closer? Henderson had thrown a lot of pitches on Saturday and probably just needed a breather, but Loe did get the save Sunday and the Brewers bullpen is a mess. Loe isn't the big strikeout guy that John Axford or Henderson is, but he also doesn't walk the park. If you can add Loe and stash him, it's not a bad idea.

Wil Nieves $0
Nieves was picked up by the Diamondbacks to serve as Miguel Montero's back up. He'll hit the odd HR, but has very little fantasy value.

Xavier Paul $0
Paul offers some cheap, off the bench speed in N.L.-only. He doesn't seem like a great option - and he isn't - but at this time of year, there aren't many players in the free agent pool with double-digit SB potential. 

Cory Burns $0
Burns was never considered much of a prospect, but pitching half your games in Petco immediately makes you worth at least a monitor. Burns is very unlikely to close with Huston Street out, but a hard sinker with some strong ground ball action makes Burns intriguing at a minimum. Burns isn't a bad add in N.L.-only even if you're just looking for some "safe" middle relief whiffs.

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