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N.L. FAAB Log: June 4, 2012

Alex Castellanos $20. Other bids $19, $14, $5, $4 $4, $4, $3.
I wrote about Castellanos on Friday. The bidding here was intriguing; teams either decided to gamble that Castellanos will be that big impact player or put in the "if everyone else falls asleep I'll get him" bids. I bid a conservative $4 but I decided last week to play for 2013 and am still sorting out my roster after the trades I made this weekend.

Brett Wallace $20. Other bids $3, $1.
Did the room fall asleep on Brett Wallace? He might only be a short-term solution while Carlos Lee nurses a minor injury, but then the Astros might decide they have nothing to lose and give Wallace another shot (and perhaps his final shot) at playing first base in the Majors for a living. This bid might be too high, but if I were still in contention in this league I would have bid more. The same owner bought Castellanos and Wallace. His team is floundering and he just lost Matt Kemp to the DL for a second time. The aggressive bids here are the right play. Castellanos and Wallace probably won't save his season, but what's the harm in trying before you wave the white flag?

Fernando Martinez $17. Other bids $2, $1, $1.
I'm even more puzzled by the lack of interest in Martinez than I am in Wallace. Martinez is competing against J.D. Martinez and Brian Bogusevic for at bats and it's likely that if Martinez is even halfway decent he's going to keep the job for the rest of the season. I'm not expecting a lot from Martinez; the BABIP at AAA doesn't match anything he's ever done before and his prospect luster is tarnished. But Martinez is 23 not 26 and it's not his fault he was overrated as a Met. Martinez could be a steady if unspectacular regular, and you need that in N.L.-only.

Brad Lincoln $6. Other bids: $1, $0
Lincoln has been great out of the bullpen for the Pirates, and with Charlie Morton going on the DL will get bumped to the rotation. He's a two-start pitcher this week, and while the match-ups aren't terrific (at the Reds and home against the Royals), I might just ride the hot hand and gamble with Lincoln anyway. A better option would be to stash him on reserve this week if you can and see how well he does, but we don't all have that option.

Brandon Crawford $4. Other bids $4, $1, $0.
Crawford has been worse at the plate than even his most ardent detractors could have imagined. Maybe he'll pick it up with the bat, but the Giants have him in there for his defense so he could run out there for 550 AB and hit an empty .220 and destroy your team's average. You really have to be desperate at this point to make this play.

Omar Quintanilla $3. Other bid $0.
Quintanilla is an OK play for this week while Ruben Tejada and Ronny Cedeno are on the DL for the Mets. Tejada is probably going to be back this weekend, though, so Quintanilla is a short-term move only. He doesn't offer much except for at bats even as a regular.

I wrote about Fiers on Friday. He's an OK option to stream in N.L.-only.

Constanza has picked up some playing time in the last week but is still a bench player. He has some sneaky speed and is worth a gamble if you're desperate but at the age of 28 isn't a prospect and is organizational filler/back up material.

Mercer is a low-end prospect but he did slug 19 HR last year between AA and AAA and could slot in as a solid utility infielder. Given the Pirates problems on offense, Mercer could steal some at bats from Clint Barmes and Pedro Alvarez and maybe even muscle his way into a job. Mercer is a decent - albeit risky - add in N.L.-only.

Brett Pill $1. Other bid $0.
Pill mashed AAA pitching in 2011 and there was some wishful thinking in March that he could either wind up in a platoon with Aubrey Huff or Brandon Belt at first or that Belt could supplant Melky Cabrera or Angel Pagan in the outfield and Pill could wind up starting at first. The cockeyed optimism of March has been replaced by the sobering reality of June and Pill is mostly on the bench. He has a little power but not much else and his average is a little painful.

Robinson has logged some time in center field but the Cardinals have understandably been willing to give up a little defense and leave Robinson on the bench. He needs to play every day to have value in Roto, and even then Robinson doesn't offer quite enough to speed to make him all that enticing.

Gonzalez has been swinging the bat well the last few weeks but he's buried behind Jose Altuve and Jed Lowrie. Gonzalez doesn't offer enough power/speed to be a decent N.L. only option as a back up.

Maldonado logged a lot of AB this past week, but that's because George Kottaras was nursing a sore hamstring. Once Kottaras is healthy, Maldonado should go back to being a bench option. He's a weak play even in N.L.-only.

Ross Detwiler $0. Other bid $0.
With Chien-Ming Wang replacing Detwiler in the Nationals rotation, you can ignore Detwiler in all formats.

Forsythe might grab some playing time at middle infield for the Padres but is probably more of a utility option. He hasn't done much in the minors this year and Petco's not going to help him.

With Todd Frazier running away with the 3B job, Costanzo is glued firmly to the Reds bench. He should stay in your free agent pool in fantasy.

Nady had a shot to play left field for the Nationals but he has been terrible and is now a bench player. His days of 20+ HR productivity are long gone.

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