Friday, June 22, 2012

A.L. Gearing Up: June 25-July 1

Rising Up
Roy Oswalt (68% last week/73% this week)
I already wrote about Oswalt, but that's like saying I already wrote about the general election so I don't need to write about it again. Oswalt's here, so it's time to pony up with your FAAB. He might not be a $20+ pitcher the rest of the way, but if he provides value at a $15 clip then he's worth an aggressive bid. Someone will break the bank to get him. If you really want him, don't be timid.

Morales struck out nine in five innings as Josh Beckett's fill in against the Cubs. He gets another start this weekend but then will likely go back to the pen when Beckett returns next week. Feel free to stash if you can, but don't count on Morales making any starts past this week.

Phil Coke (2%/5%)
Coke picked up a cheap save when Jose Valverde couldn't go earlier in the week because of a minor injury. However, this is because Joaquin Benoit wasn't available not because Coke is next in line. Coke is a serviceable middle reliever and an OK A.L.-only pick up...but that's about it. He's worth a nominal $1-2 FAAB bid if you want him.

Got the Call
Turner epitomizes the classic dichotomy in keeper league Rotisserie. He's a no doubt, no brainer talent in the long term, and while he might not be a top-of-the-staff ace, it's reasonable to expect Turner to be a #2 starter eventually. The "eventually" part of the equation is the rub. Turner survived his 2012 debut, but the results were mixed. He looked like a future ace at times, but at other moments looked like a 21-year-old kid who is going to have his struggles. There are going to be good days and bad days, but Turner's not going to have the luxury of pitching against the National League after this week. This could all be a moot point anyway. Drew Smyly could be back in short order and Turner's start might have simply been a one and done. If you can bid on Turner this weekend in a keeper format and you're already playing for 2013, have at it.

Archer is less heralded than Turner, but thanks to some advances in his command this year at AAA and yet another great development job by the Rays organization could also have a ceiling as a solid #2. He was dominant in his Major League debut against the Nationals, and while we have to be careful to jump to conclusions after one start, the poise and mastery of his pitches in that start have to count for something. Archer might only be up for another couple of starts while Jeremy Hellickson recuperates, but he's a good gamble this week at the Royals and against the Tigers for a possible two-start play.

I should have written Kalish up in last week's Gearing Up but did not. Boo me. Anyway, Kalish is an intriguing power/speed commodity who could be a 15/15 guy if he gets a full-time opportunity. Alas, the window might be short lived. Kalish is manning center field right now but with Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford on the mend there soon won't be any room at the inn. Kalish is a good short-term pick-up when he's playing, but I'm not sure how the logjam with Kalish, Cody Ross, and Daniel Nava will play out once Crawford and Ellsbury are back next month.

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