Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Worthy SP Pick Ups: Mixed Leagues

We all know that if you're in an N.L. or A.L. only that the pickings are slim. But what about in a mixed league?

One of my Twitter followers wanted to know:
can u name a few high K rate waiver SP's that I can keep for extended period of time with a possibility of wins?
Here's a look at a few pitchers that are owned in less than 50% of CBS leagues that I'd recommend. Like many touts, I care less about how many games a pitcher can win and more about his skill set. For a good pitcher, the wins are at least as likely to come on a bad team as they are for a mediocre pitcher on a good team.

Drew Smyly (46% owned in CBS leagues)
Smyly doesn't have a lot of professional experience, but he has provided strikeouts at almost every stop along the way. He's also on a strong team, so the wins should be there if Smyly is simply capable; Brad Penny won games with this team last year. If you want Smyly, now's the time to grab him. If he does do well this week, everyone with a pulse will grab him.

Chris Capuano (46% owned)
Capuano is more of a streamer than a must own in mixed leagues, but for home starts he's a near absolute must stream. His high K/high HR results shouldn't lead to that many HR at Dodger Stadium. Capuano profiles very well in this park and could be a sneaky double-digit earner in 2012.

Felix Doubront (29% owned)
Doubront seems like an obvious pick-up candidate based on his early performance. No, he's not going to strike out 11.25 per nine the rest of the way out. However, Doubront had put up K rates of 7.5 or higher in the minors since 2008 and could very well strike out 7-8 per nine in the Majors. He slipped through even in A.L.-onlies; there's no reason he should be unowned (not even on a bench) in 71% of all CBS leagues.

Anthony Bass (12% owned)
Can Bass keep it up? I have no idea. But anytime you have a pitcher in Petco striking out almost a batter an inning, my advice is to shut up, stop what you're doing and pay attention. If Dustin Moseley can produce positive value in Petco. Bass most definitely can as well.

J.A. Happ (11% owned)
Happ's K rate has steadily risen the last three years. The problem is that his walk rate has spiked as well, making him an obvious performance risk. He has his walks this year down to 3.5 per nine: not good, but acceptable if he can whiff eight batters per nine innings. Happ is definite streamer material, but you should watch to see the match-up. He's more desirable right now than most believe.

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George said...

I'm in an NL league and someone inexplicably dropped Bass. The pitchers I could drop to pick him up are Joe Weiland, Cashner, or Romo. Who would you drop?