Monday, April 30, 2012

N.L. FAAB Log - April 30, 2012

Nyjer Morgan $13.  Other bids: $12, $10, $8, $8, $6, $3.
Morgan is available in your league?  Why yes – I waived him.  I could only handle so much of Plush.  He rewarded me .333 with a stolen base this week.  The reality is this: Morgan’s act is getting even a little much for the Brewers, he is rapidly losing at-bats, and I fully expect he is going to get traded at some point soon.  Nonetheless, he is a quasi-regular.  The winning bid is from a team maximizing its hitting and hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with some pitching, so the bid is not unexpected.

Tyler Moore $12.  Other bids: $10, $7, $4, $3
Moore has done nothing but beat the heck out of the ball since A+ ball, hitting 31 home runs in the minor leagues each of the last two years.  He started this year at Syracuse with 7 home runs out of the gate, and now finds himself with the big club.  I did not bid on Moore (more an oversight while I was busy negotiating a trade for Jose Reyes), but the question for me is: how often will he play?  Last I checked, Bryce Harper will be manning left field.  Could Harper play center with Moore in right?  Conceivably, though I believe Moore is better suited to be a designated hitter…I mean first baseman.  Nonetheless, these bids are solid and your league should follow suit.  The winning bidder here, by the way, is the team with Ryan Zimmerman now on the bench. 

Welington Castillo $4.  Other bids: $3, $3, $2.
I wrote briefly about Castillo on Friday.  As it turns out, I did not see a Steve Clevenger injury because it happened on the last swing of batting practice and I was out buying a beer and hot dog.  Soto is also nursing a bad back, so Castillo will get a few starts here.  I cannot believe he will sit on the bench once Clevenger is back, so I expect he will be back in the minors soon, though likely back for good sometime later this season.

Scott Hairston $4.  Other bids: $3, $1, $1, $0.

Andres Torres is scheduled to come off the disabled list today.  This should cut into Hairston's playing time a little bit, but he is hot this week.  There is nothing wrong with trying to ride a hot player; just be aware he will be back to his normal back-up role soon.

Cody Ransom $4.  Other bids: $0,$0.
Ransom is getting a good number of at-bats, playing in four games this week and performing quite well.  Chris Young is not expected to come off the disabled list when due, so Ransom will continue to see time in the outfield.  Ride him while he is hot, and cut bait when Young comes back.

Jordany Valdespin $3.  Other bids: $1, $0.
Valdespin is a C+ prospect in John Sickels’ book, though he admits to great athleticism.  Sickels worries poor strike zone judgment and a mercurial personality Will Block his progress.  I do not see Valdespin starting much, but he is capable of playing just about anywhere on the field.  If he stays up, which I think is unlikely (he should hit the minor leagues again when Ronny Cedeno comes back), he will see Willie Bloomquist type at-bats, filling in everywhere, without the Willie Bloomquist numbers.

Jeff Baker $1.  Other bids: $1.

Jason Grilli $1.  Other bids: $0.

J.J. Hoover $1.  Other bids: None.
Hoover is the "throw-in" in the Juan Francisco deal.  Of course, he is really not just a throw-in; he put up 117 strikeouts in 105 innings last year and projects as a decent set-up man.  Obviously, mixed leaguers should not be looking at Hoover, but he is a capable reliever in NL-only.  Do not expect many saves or holds.

Joaquin Arias $0. Other bids: $0.

Sean Burnett $0.  Other bids: $0, $0.

Kevin Correia $0.  Other bids: None.

While his ERA and WHIP look nice, Correia's 9/8 K/BB ratio does not impress me.  He gets the Reds next...I would avoid him this week.

Ernesto Frieri $0.  Other bids: None.

Brett Hayes $0.  Other bids: None.

Chad Qualls $0.  Other bids: None.


Slippy said...

I'm assuming Pat Corbin was eligible for bidding yet b/c he starts today. How much do you think he will fetch in your league?

Slippy said...

Sorry...that should be Corin was "not eligible."

Mike Gianella said...

He was not eligible for bid.

The bids in Tout Wars N.L. were: $22, $8 $6, $5, $4.

Toz said...

Corbin went for $0 a few days ago in CBS while no one was paying attention.

Moore went for $6.