Thursday, March 01, 2012

2012 CBS Analyst N.L.-Only Auction

This year, I once again had the pleasure of participating in the CBS Analyst N.L.-Only Auction. Prior years have seen some wins and some disappointment as the result of major injuries. Those years also saw me trying to concoct some unique strategy and make it work. This year, I decided to try something a little different: 1) 14 starters on offense; 2) bargains at $+2 for the non-outfield positions and $+3 or better in the outfield; and 3) spread the risk. I like how it turned out quite a bit; let’s see what you think:

C Ruiz 9
C Thole 3
1B Loney 14
2B Hudson 11
SS Reyes 30
3B Ramirez 21
CO Headley 13
MI Rollins 21
OF Beltran 17
OF Tabata 15
OF Fowler 14
OF Byrd 7
OF Soriano 6
UT Venable 11
P Bumgarner 23
P Cueto 12
P Marcum 11
P Billingsley 9
P Worley 8
P Lilly 6
P Buehrle 5
P Lyles 1
P Blanton 1
RES Teheran
RES Rauch
RES Bastardo
RES LeMahieu
RES Downs
RES Lynn
RES R. Ramirez

In the end, I am pretty excited about this auction. Sure, there are some quibble points, and sure there were some bargains late in the auction that I could not take advantage of because I was locked out on offense. I did manage, however, to put together a good pitching staff allowing flexibility from week to week, and I did put together 14 starters on offense. Only one player went for par on my sheet, and only one other went for $+1…everyone else is $+2 or better.  Aside from a little regret in failing to get a closer, mission accomplished in terms of the plan.

More to follow over the next couple of days, including an in-depth look at my roster and a run-down of the CBS results on the whole.


Andypro said...

Can't wait to see some 'expert' analysis on your team. My guess is it might just get overlooked. I'm partial to the spread the risk strategy, but this team is so ugly it's pretty, and it's not even that ugly, if you get my meaning.

And by the way, closer-smoser, the two most important categories are IP and ABs, and you should win those.

Very nicely done.

JEM1776 said...

I like the buck Jordan Lyles long-shot. Nice.

Toz said...

Thanks guys.

One thing I will say about this is old. Not as old as me, but I did try to put the average age way up there. Just like Alex Patton did in the a bunch of boring veterans at value prices and watch them go.